Ethical Conduct and Mentoring


* Committee on Scientific Conduct and Ethics

* Processes for Authorship Dispute Resolution

* Guidelines for the Conduct of Research

* NIH Ethics Program -- information on the standards of ethical conduct for federal employees

* Guide to Training and Mentoring

* Official Duty Activities

* Goals for Enhanced Mentoring in the IRP

* Outside Activities

* Mentoring Implementation Plan – October 2011

* Guidelines for Non-FTEs (Trainees) for NIH-Related Activities, Outside Activities and Awards

* Scientific Directors Policy Updates For Mentors and Trainees - May 1, 2002

* Trainee Activities Chart

* Guidelines for Scientific Record Keeping

* Service by Intramural Scientists on a Scientific or External Advisory Board for a DHHS-funded Project

* A Guide to the Handling of Scientific Misconduct Allegations in the NIH IRP

* Signature Authority at NIH on Immigration Matters Involving Foreign Scientists

* The NIH IRP Policies and Procedures for Investigating Research Misconduct

* Clarifications on Personal Letters Written in Support of Immigration Visas

* Use of Official Title or Stationery for Letters of Recommendation

* Standards for Clinical Research within the NIH Intramural Research Program

* Guide to Preventing Conflicts of Interest in Human Subjects Research at the NIH

* NIH Staff Involvement on Extramural Awards - Cooperative Agreements

* Collaborations of NIH Scientists with Extramural Scientists

* Questions for Scientific Collaborators

* Funding of Intramural Research Program/Extramural Research Program Collaborations

* NIH Guide for Sharing Research Resources

* NIH Intramural Policy on Large Database Sharing

* ...


For information related to the use of human pluripotent stem cells or human fetal or embryonic tissue, go to chapter on "Oversight of Intramural Research".


Updated 10/13/2011



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