Resources and Tools

Neuroscience Information Framework
NIF is a portal and customized search engine for neuroscience data, research tools and literature on the web.
  image of neuroscientists on keyboards Informatics
Resources that help neuroscientists collect, manage, analyze and share data, and apply principles of computational neuroscience to their work.
image of mouse Animal Models
An overview of animal models essential to neuroscience research and where to find them, from worms to mice to non-human primates.
  image of researchers meeting Core Facilities
The Blueprint Center Cores provide centralized resources and a collaborative environment for neuroscience research within local and regional communities.
image of doctor writing on clip board Clinical Research Tools
Information about efforts to develop new measures and data sets for studying the human nervous system in health and disease.
  image of DNA Cell, Tissue, DNA
Information about repositories of human brain tissue, cells and DNA (in many cases, donated by individuals with neurological disease).
image of brain imaging/MRI Imaging Tools
Resources, tools and data sets related to brain imaging and microscopy.
  image of gene, protein expression Gene & Protein Expression
Data and tools related to mapping the expression of genes and proteins in mammalian nervous systems.