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Biomedical Informatics

Bioinformatics and Molecular Analysis Section (BIMAS) develops computational methods for the analysis of data related to molecular biology and genetics; and provides bioinformatics guidance, support, and resources for the collection, management, and display of biological sequence and genomic information, for NIH scientists involved in genomics and genetic analysis. Research and development projects include:

  • Protein and Nucleic Acid Sequence Analysis
  • Genomic Analysis Support
  • cDNA Microarray
  • Gene Expression Analysis

Chief: John Powell
BioInformatics and Molecular Analysis Section, 12 South Drive, MSC 5624
(Building 12A, Room 2033), Bethesda, MD 20892

Additional work in the field of Biomedical Informatics is also performed by the High Performance Computing and Informatics Office.

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This page last reviewed: November 09, 2011