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Imagine a world without geographical barriers in cancer research and treatment. A world where regional, national and international expertise are pooled into a single, easy-to-access resource. A world where time and distance are not seen as obstacles to cancer care and research. A world that encourages direct collaboration for cancer professionals to help patients who would normally not have that chance.

This is a world made possible by the power of TELESYNERGY®.

It is this innovative technology that has enabled the medical staff of Belfast City Hospital to receive aid from the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland in the diagnosis and treatment for a patient with a rare form of cancer, never before seen at this Northern Ireland facility. This is the technology that has enabled the medical staff at King Hussein Cancer Center to establish a medical alliance to facilitate the treatment of cancers common among the Jordanian population, including lung, bladder and colorectal cancer in men, breast and colorectal cancer in women, and leukemia in children. This is the technology that has helped cancer patients from a poor, Southern Texas border town receive the value of expert opinions within their community.

With the hard work of our dedicated medical communities, and the help of TELESYNERGY®, we can now imagine a world free from the devastating effects of cancer.