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How Printing and Binding Deposit Accounts Work

If you are a Federal printing and binding customer, GPO offers Deposit Accounts as a payment option which allows you to maintain control of funds at the appropriation level and virtually eliminate invoices from GPO. The process is easy to use.

  • Determine the estimated cost of printing you expect to order during a period of time, e.g., month, quarter, or year.
  • Complete and sign GPO Form 4045 (Deposit Account (Printing and Binding)) and submit it to GPO to establish your Deposit Account.
  • Deposit funds into your account at the time of establishment using either the Department of Treasury's IPAC system or by submitting a check with your Form 4045.
  • GPO will assign a Deposit Account number. This account number will serve as your BAC number on your SF-1s submitted for printing and binding orders toward this account.
  • Replenish funds into your account as necessary to maintain your desired account balance.
  • Monitor your transactions by logging into your account on GPO's Web site. Deposit Accounts are updated daily to show all account activity - deposits, itemized charges for all completed printing orders, transfers between accounts, etc.