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FY2010 OppNet Funded Grant Applications

RFA-OD-10-003: Recovery Act Limited Competition: NIH Basic Behavioral and Social Science Opportunity Network (OppNet) Short-term Mentored Career Development Awards in the Basic Behavioral and Social Sciences for Mid-career  and Senior Investigators (K18)
Activity Project Number PI Name Institution Title Award Total ($) Abstract
K18 HD068977-01 ALBERTS, JEFFREY R INDIANA UNIVERSITY BLOOMINGTON Mentored merging of psychobiology and neonatology $139,024 Abstract
K18 NR012847-01 BARNATO, AMBER E UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH AT PITTSBURGH Using behavioral economics to understand end-of-life decisions $69,420 Abstract
K18 GM097732-01 BOSCO, GIOVANNI UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA Career Development in epigenetic control of memory maintenance $33,502 Abstract
K18 AI094581-01 JOHNSON, BLAIR T UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT STORRS Geospatial factors in HIV prevention trial outcomes $145,610 Abstract
K18 DA031463-01 JONES, DEBORAH LYNNE UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Longitudinal Dyadic Analysis of HIV-positive Substance Users with Trauma History $80,515 Abstract
K18 ES020062-01 KEATING, DANIEL P UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN AT ANN ARBOR Epigenetic mechanisms of social disparities in health and development $106,295 Abstract
K18 HL108331-01 LEONARD, LORI JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Risk Assessment in the Genomic Era: A Qualitative Study of Patients and Providers $115,965 Abstract
K18 DA031464-01 LUSTYK, M. KATHLEEN B SEATTLE PACIFIC UNIVERSITY Brain Activation in Women Treated with Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention $21,600 Abstract
K18 MH093939-01 NIERENBERG, ANDREW A MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL Complex Dynamic Systems in Mood Disorders $168,161 Abstract
K18 HL108332-01 PAGE, GAYLE GIBONEY JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Sleep in Rats: From Conceptualization to Measurement, Analysis and Interpretation $115,224 Abstract
K18 DA031462-01 PESCOSOLIDO, BERNICE A INDIANA UNIVERSITY BLOOMINGTON Career Enhancement for Epigenetic Research on Substance Abuse and Comorbidities $150,822 Abstract
K18 MH093940-01 POSTOLACHE, TEODOR T UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND BALTIMORE Seasonality of Mood: A Genome-Wide Association Study in the Old Order Amish $121,824 Abstract
K18 HD068975-01 SHASHI, VANDANA DUKE UNIVERSITY Neural correlates of working memory in children with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome $73,415 Abstract
K18 HD068974-01 SOMMERVILLE, JESSICA UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON The neural basis of early action perception $95,040 Abstract
K18 HD068976-01 WANG, MAY C UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES Social and Family Environments and Child Obesity in Diverse Neighborhoods $97,127 Abstract
K18 MH093941-01 ZOLOTUKHIN, SERGEI UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA A Novel Class of Orally-Applied Inhibitors of Aggressive Behavior $52,916 Abstract

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NOT-OD-10-032: Recovery Act Funds for Competitive Revision Applications (R01, R03, R15, R21, R21/R33, and R37) through the NIH Basic Behavioral and Social Science Opportunity Network (OppNet)
Activity Project Number PI Name Institution Title Award Total ($) Abstract
R01 MH087214-02S1 AWH, EDWARD UNIVERSITY OF OREGON The Distinction Between Number and Resolution in Visual Working Memory $196,846 Abstract
R01 AI067518-05S1 COE, CHRISTOPHER L. UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN MADISON Maternal Flu Infection and Brain Development in Primates $82,657 Abstract
R01 HL087923-03S2 DAVIS, CATHERINE LUCY MEDICAL COLLEGE OF GEORGIA (MCG) Exercise & Overweight Children's Cognition $235,193 Abstract

Hypocretin and Drug Addiction

$244,734 Abstract
R01 MH060998-09S1 DERUBEIS, ROBERT J UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Prevention of Recurrence in Depression with Drugs and CT $150,840 Abstract
R01 EY017916-04S1 DESPLAN, CLAUDE NEW YORK UNIVERSITY Mapping the optic lobes for color vision $217,500 Abstract
R01 DA022313-02S1 DIERKER, LISA C WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY Individual Differences in Smoking Exposure and Nicotine Dependence Sensitivity $248,850 Abstract
R21 DA023643-02S1 DYMECKI, SUSAN M HARVARD UNIVERSITY (MEDICAL SCHOOL) Developmental Genetics of Serotonin Neuron Subtypes in Brain Reward Circuits $246,084 Abstract
R01 DA016765-07S1 EISCH, AMELIA J UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SW MED CTR/DALLAS Opiates and Adult Neurogenesis $237,750 Abstract
R01 AG033906-07S1 FILLINGIM, ROGER B UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Ethnic Differences in Responses to Painful Stimuli $219,658 Abstract
R01 HD057164-02S1 FULIGNI, ANDREW J UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES Family Obligation and Assistance Among Adolescents with Mexican Backgrounds $229,473 Abstract
R21 HD059103-02S1 HERNANDEZ, ARTURO E. UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON Neural Correlates of Lexical Processing in Child L2 Learners $168,750 Abstract
R03 MH081084-02S1 HUBER, DAVID ERNEST UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN DIEGO A Stochastic Judgment Model of Recall: Separating Measurement, Memory and Correla $77,250 Abstract
R37 MH049334-19S1 JAVITT, DANIEL C. NATHAN S. KLINE INSTITUTE FOR PSYCH RES Early Cortical Processing In Schizophrenia $236,998 Abstract
R03 DA026030-02S1


UNIV OF MED/DENT OF NJ-NJ MEDICAL SCHOOL Regulation of D1 Dopamine Receptor Expression by ncRNA in Cocaine Addiction $142,000 Abstract
R01 HD054465-04S1 LENGUA, LILIANA J UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON Low Income, Family Disruption, and the Development of Effortful Control $224,068 Abstract
R01 NS047293-06S1 MAKEIG, SCOTT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN DIEGO EEGLAB: Software for Analysis of Human Brain Dynamics $231,750 Abstract
R21 DC009292-02S1 MCGREGOR, KARLA UNIVERSITY OF IOWA The Role of Consolidation and Sleep in Children's Word Learning $203,400 Abstract

Neuroimaging of the Development of Neural Mechanisms Social Cognition

$235,145 Abstract
R03 CA134159-02S1 RECKLITIS, CHRISTOPHER JOHN DANA-FARBER CANCER INSTITUTE Enhanced Self-Appraisal After Cancer: A Bias in Survivors' Self-Report? $87,417 Abstract
R01 AG030614-02S1 RUBINSTEIN, ROBERT L. UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND BALT CO CAMPUS Lifestyles and Generativity of Childless Older Women $221,841 Abstract
R01 MH081056-03S1 RUGGIERO, KENNETH J MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Web-Based Intervention for Disaster-Affected Adolescents and Families $213,824 Abstract
R43 MH086983-02S1 SWICK, DANIELLE CORI 3-C INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT Web-based Dissemination Tool (WDT) for Community Mental Health $240,698 Abstract

Amygdala: sex differences in behavior, cognition, and neuroendocrine development

$277,495 Abstract
R03 HD060673-02S1 WEDEN, MARGARET M RAND CORPORATION Intergenerational Determinants of Youth Smoking Trajectories $92,496 Abstract
R01 MH080716-04S1 WHALEN, PAUL J DARTMOUTH COLLEGE Prefrontal-amygdala interactions in social learning $237,000 Abstract
R01 HD036904-07S1 WILFLEY, DENISE ELLA WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY Childhood Obesity Treatment: A Maintenance Approach $238,262 Abstract

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NOT-OD-10-033: Recovery Act Funds for Competitive Revision Applications (R01, R03, R15, R21, R21/R33, and R37) for HIV/AIDS-related Research through the NIH Basic Behavioral and Social Science Opportunity Network (OppNet)
Activity Project Number PI Name Institution Title Award Total ($) Abstract
R01 AI041935-12S1 BLOWER, SALLY MARGARET UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES HIV - Emergence of Drug Resistance $230,969 Abstract
R01 DA025548-02S1 GAROFALO, ROBERT CHILDREN'S MEMORIAL HOSPITAL (CHICAGO) Syndemic Development and HIV Risk Among Vulnerable Young Men $216,674 Abstract
R01 DA027209-02S1 MYERS, JANET UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN FRANCISCO Navigator Enhanced Case Management for Jail Inmates $186,478 Abstract
R01 MH083627-03S1 VOLSKY, DAVID J ST. LUKE'S-ROOSEVELT INST FOR HLTH SCIS Markers of HIV Brain Disease under HAART:  Validation in a Mouse Model $227,841 Abstract
R43 AG034707-01S1 WEITZMAN, PATRICIA FLYNN ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH GROUP, INC. Prevention of HIV/AIDS and STDs in Women over Fifty $126,581 Abstract

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NOT-OD-10-034: Recovery Act Funds for Competitive Revision Applications for Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Transfer Technology Research Grants (R43/R44 and R41/R42) through the NIH Basic Behavioral and Social Science Opportunity Network (OppNet)
Activity Project Number PI Name Institution Title Award Total ($) Abstract
R43 AG034698-01A1S1 BARUCH, MARTIN CARL EMPIRICAL TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION Non-obtrusive Gait & Fall Monitoring $113,956 Abstract
R43 MD004048-02S1 BOYINGTON, DANE R SAI INTERACTIVE, INC. PictureRx: An Intervention to Reduce Latino Health Disparities $159,698 Abstract
R44 AG026815-03S1 CHEN, HONGTU ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH GROUP, INC. E-Technology for Chinese Dementia Caregivers $224,700 Abstract
R44 HD055719-03S1 TAN, WILLIAM Z TRANSCENDENT INTERNATIONAL, LLC Computer-based Patient Provider Communication about CAM Use $227,800 Abstract
R44 MD002709-03S1 TAN, WILLIAM Z TRANSCENDENT INTERNATIONAL, LLC Medical English Enhancement Training for Foreign-Born RNs $237,399 Abstract

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NOT-OD-10-036: HIV/AIDS Funds for Competitive Revision Applications (R01, R03, R15, R21, R21/R33, R37) for HIV/AIDS-related Research through the NIH Basic Behavioral and Social Science Opportunity Network (OppNet)
Activity Project Number PI Name Institution Title Award Total ($) Abstract
R01 HD058365-03S1 AGADJANIAN, VICTOR ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY-TEMPE CAMPUS Childbearing Dynamics in Setting of High HIV Prevalence and Massive ART Rollout $220,864 Abstract
R21 DA024419-03S1 LANGLEBEN, DANIEL D UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Functional MRI of anti-tobacco public service announcements $240,000 Abstract
R01 MH083595-03S1 WILSON, IRA B BROWN UNIVERSITY Understand Disparities in HIV Care $238,485 Abstract

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