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Reviewers-How To: Basic Tasks Step by Step
in eRA Commons/Internet Assisted Review (IAR)

1. To access IAR

Handy Tip: After log in to eRA Commons, if the top right-hand corner of the screen only displays 'Authority: PI,' the reviewer will not be able to access IAR. The screen should say Authority: IAR on the top right-hand corner

2. To submit information to receive reviewer reimbursement (SPRS)

3. To look for potential conflicts for all applications in the meeting

If you are invited to Recruitment phase:

If you are invited to Submit Phase or Read Phase:

4. To sign the electronic Pre-Meeting Conflict of Interest form

5. To sign the Post-Meeting Conflict of Interest form

6. To access grant applications and documents for the review meeting

7. To access and read materials in the 'Additions for Review' section

Handy Tip: To keep track of any additional material added without checking back every time, simply look for the 'Latest eAdditions Date' that will appear under the Title on the List of Applications screen

8. To download Critique Templates

9. To enter criteria score, overall preliminary score, submit critique

Handy Tips:
Assigned reviewers need to submit their critique at the same time or before submitting their criterion and/or preliminary overall/impact scores. If a reviewer tries to save the criterion and/or preliminary overall/impact score without uploading the critique, he/she will receive an error message. Entering criterion scores is not mandatory; reviewers may choose to enter scores only for a couple of criteria, e.g. approach and innovation

. If a reviewer misses the Submit phase, the reviewer can still submit the initial version of the critique during the Read phase (only once)

10. To read reviews during the Read phase

(1) To view your individual critique for an application in the meeting

  • On the right side of the screen, in the Action column, click on the 'View' link corresponding to your assignment next to the relevant grant application

(2) To view only your critiques

  • Click on the View My Critiques link above the Title column

(3) To view all critiques for one application

  • In the Application column (far left), below the relevant application, click on the PDF link next to View All Critiques. This is the compilation of all critiques for one grant application

(4) To view all critiques for assigned applications

  • Click on the View All Critiques For Assigned Applications link above the Title column

(5) To view all meeting critiques by Application or by PI

  • Click on the 'By Appl' link or the 'By PI' link next to View All Meeting Critiques above the PI name column

11. To enter final scores in IAR

12. To modify criteria scores during the meeting

13. To submit edited/revised critiques after the meeting

14. To remove critique and criteria scores, use Delete link

This page last reviewed: February 23, 2011