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Future of OEODM

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management (OEODM) understands that in order to make a significant impact on equity, diversity and inclusion at the NIH and to promote the health of our Nation, we must continuously improve. With the appointment of a new OEODM Director in July of 2012, we have launched an effort to create a start-up organization, one that is not afraid to evaluate and assess our entire program with the assistance of feedback from our stakeholders and customers. This will be an organization that has never existed before – something new and different – an entirely new program.

We have engaged in a period of intense program evaluation to include customer surveys, focus groups, interviews and we are in the process of rigorously examining our program to better serve our customers, impact civil rights, diversity and inclusion and make a difference in the NIH culture and workforce demographics.

Our vision is to be the best in government, to make the NIH program for equity, diversity and inclusion shine. We have already started business process improvements of our EEO complaints administrative processes. Further, we have also started to evaluate our program gaps and are formulating a plan to fill them. In the end a new organizational structure will emerge, which is linked to an appropriate program portfolio. Finally, we are assessing the talent and competencies in our organization and as we work to recruit new talent in our organization, this gap analysis will help us target our recruitment. From time to time we will post updates on our website to inform you about where we are heading.

We want to thank those who have contributed feedback because this has already informed us of where we need to improve and no doubt it will help us reshape OEODM in order to better serve you.

OEODM is working hard to become best in class! We do appreciate your help and ask you for your patience while we are under construction.