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NCMHD Research Endowment Program

The NCMHD Research Endowment Program is a unique congressionally mandated initiative that promotes minority health and health disparities research capacity building at eligible academic institutions by investing in the education and training of underrepresented minorities and socio-economically disadvantaged individuals. The NCMHD Research Endowment Program makes that investment by awarding grants to an institution's endowment. The interest generated by this investment must be used to:

  • Strengthen the research infrastructure through the renovation of facilities, purchase of state-of-the-art instruments and equipment, and enhance information technology;
  • Enhance the academic environment by recruiting a diverse faculty and creating challenging courses in such topics as research methodology and health disparities as additions to the curriculum; and
  • Enhance the recruitment and retention of racial and ethnic minority and socio-economically disadvantaged students that are underrepresented in the scientific workforce.

Eligible institutions include only those currently funded under the Health Resources and Services Administration Centers of Excellence Program (Section 736 of the PHS Act) or the NIMHD Centers of Excellence Program (Section 464z-4 of the PHS Act).

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