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02/08/2013—Immune system protein in semen boosts HIV spread in female genital tissue

02/07/2013—Bevacizumab significantly improves survival for patients with recurrent and metastatic cervical cancer

02/01/2013—NIH urges women to protect their heart health and to encourage others to do the same

01/14/2013—Leading cancer researcher appointed NIMHD Clinical Director

08/29/2012—NIH scientists map first steps in flu antibody development

08/29/2012—Protein linked to increased risk of heart failure and death in older adults

08/28/2012—Stresses of poverty may impair learning ability in young children

07/05/2012—NIH-funded study finds more precise way to estimate kidney function

06/19/2012—NIH study finds HIV-positive young men at risk of low bone mass

06/19/2012—NIH study finds HIV-positive young men at risk of low bone mass

05/21/2012—NIH study shows poor quality malaria drugs pose threat

04/30/2012—NIH research featured in HBO documentary series on obesity

04/29/2012—Two drugs better than one to treat youth with type 2 diabetes

04/05/2012—NIH names Dr. Gary H. Gibbons director of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

03/14/2012—New study shines light on barriers to diabetes care in NYC Bangladeshi community

03/08/2012—NIH encourages reducing disparities in kidney transplantation

03/07/2012—NIH-funded study defines treatment window for HIV-positive children infected at birth

01/30/2012—Award-winning physician appointed deputy director at NIMHD

01/25/2012—Elevated risk factors linked to major cardiovascular disease events across a lifetime

01/25/2012—NIH kidney disease experts urge: Get Involved

01/24/2012—Treatment of silent acid reflux does not improve asthma in children, NIH study finds

01/11/2012—NIH study to test treatment for fatty liver disease in children

11/21/2011—COPD awareness continues to rise, new NIH survey finds

11/14/2011—Wood stove intervention can reduce childhood pneumonia

11/07/2011—NIH study finds stroke risk factors may lead to cognitive problems

11/07/2011—New NIH brochure educates Hispanics suffering from the symptoms of serious illness

11/01/2011—NIH study finds broad spectrum of cancer risk for organ transplant recipients in US

10/06/2011—NIH Undiagnosed Diseases Program documents two-year pilot as clinic of last resort

10/06/2011—NIH study finds doctors miss many alcohol screening opportunities

10/03/2011—Complications of chronic kidney disease occur earlier in children

09/26/2011—National Library of Medicine opens new interactive exhibition

09/26/2011—NIH-funded study connects gene variant to response to asthma drugs

09/07/2011—NIH stroke prevention trial has immediate implications for clinical practice

09/07/2011—Joint Center Releases Reports on How Poverty Concentration and Racial Segregation Exacerbate Health Inequities

08/23/2011—HHS Tightens Financial Conflict of Interest Rules for Researchers

08/18/2011—NIH-commissioned study identifies gaps in NIH funding success rates for black researchers

08/16/2011—Cigarette smoking implicated in half of bladder cancers in women

06/29/2011—The Cancer Genome Atlas completes detailed ovarian cancer analysis

06/29/2011—Affordable Care Act to improve data collection, reduce health disparities

06/29/2011—Women sought for NIH study of infertility disorder

06/27/2011—NIH statement on the new crib safety standards

06/21/2011—New videos, website offer important resources for people affected by diabetes

06/14/2011—NIH challenges public to help bring discovery into the classroom

05/24/2011—Mexican flu pandemic study supports social distancing

05/16/2011—Breast cancer risk calculator updated for Asian-Americans

05/12/2011—NIH-funded study finds sickle cell treatment safe for young children

01/14/2011 —NIMHD names first African-American scientific director at NIH

10/26/2010 —NIH Recovery Act grants to foster scientific workforce diversity

10/25/2010 —Improving mothers' literacy skills may be best way to boost children's achievement

10/04/2010 —Children, males and blacks are at increased risk for food allergies

09/27/2010 —NIH announces Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities

09/15/2010 —HHS awards more than $14 million to support patient-centered outcomes research

05/25/2010 —Gene Pattern May Identify Kidney Transplant Recipients Who Don’t Need Life-long Anti-rejection Drugs

04/28/2010 —Independent Panel Finds Insufficient Evidence to Support Preventive Measures for Alzheimer's Disease

04/28/2010 — NIH Study Offers Hope to Patients with Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis

04/19/2010 — Expression of Proteins Linked to Poor Outcome in Women with Ovarian Cancer

04/07/2010 —Risk of Newborn Heart Defects Increases with Maternal Obesity

03/25/2010 —Diet Quality Worsens as Alcohol Intake Increases

03/15/2010 —Landmark ACCORD Trial Finds Intensive Blood Pressure and Combination Lipid Therapies do not Reduce Combined Cardiovascular Events in Adults with Diabetes 

03/02/2010 —Childhood Asthma Treatment: Not One-Size-Fits-All

02/26/2010 —Landmark NIH Clinical Trial Comparing Two Stroke Prevention Procedures Shows Surgery and Stenting        Equally Safe and Effective 

02/18/2010 —NHLBI, CDC Launch Surveillance and Research Program for Inherited Blood Diseases
Six States to Study Sickle Cell Disease and Thalassemias in National Pilot Project

12/18/2009 —Drug for Multiple Myeloma Demonstrated to Significantly Extend Disease-Free Survival 

10/29/2009 —NIH Launches Multicenter Clinical Trial to Test Blood Pressure Strategy  

10/28/2009 —NCMHD Recovery Act Funds Support Obesity Disparities in the U.S. Affiliated Pacific Basin Jurisdiction

10/05/2009 —Sister Study Exceeds Recruitment Goal: Now The Real Work Begins

08/26/2009 —U.S. Updates Clinical Guidelines for Prevention and Treatment of Opportunistic Infections among HIV-Exposed and HIV-Infected Children

08/26/2009 —Panel Assesses Evidence for the Collection and Use of Family Health History Information

07/21/2009 —A Childs IQ Can Be Affected by Mothers Exposure to Urban Air Pollutants

07/16/2009 —Researchers Uncover Genetic Variants Linked to Blood Pressure In African- Americans

07/07/2009 —Racial Disparities in Breast Cancer Mortality Are Not Driven by Estrogen Receptor Status Alone

06/07/2009 —Optimal Medical Therapy As Beneficial As Elective Revascularization Procedures in Patients with Type Diabetes and Stable Coronary Heart Disease

05/20/2009 —Combination of Aspirin and an Anti-Clotting Drug Reduces Risk of Dialysis Access Failure

04/16/2009 —U.S. Releases Updated Clinical Guidelines for HIV-Associated Opportunistic Infections

04/02/2009 —NIH Releases the First Research Plan to Reduce the Burden of Digestive Diseases

03/25/2009 —Prof. Howard Koh Nominated Assistant Secretary for Health in HHS

03/23/2009 —Alcohol Flusmeh Signals Increased Cancer Risk among East Asians

03/18/2009 —Heart Failure Before Age 50 Substantially More Common in Blacks

03/18/2009 —U.S. Cancer Screening Trial Shows No Early Mortality Benefit from Annual Prostate Cancer Screening

03/16/2009 —First Sister Study Results Reinforce the Importance of Healthy Living








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