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Clinical Imaging Steering Committee

The Clinical Imaging Steering Committee (CISC) was established in December of 2010. CISC members include Cooperative Groups and other NCI sponsored networks imaging representatives, as well as other clinicians, translational scientists, biostatisticians, patient advocates, and NCI staff who support or are involved with cancer clinical imaging research.

Mission Statement

The CISC is a forum for the extramural imaging and oncology communities to provide strategic input to NCI regarding its significant investment in imaging activities in clinical trials. The CISC is charged to identify and promote the "Best Science" in clinical oncology research by addressing the design and prioritization of phase III and large phase II trials focused primarily on cancer imaging. In addition, CISC members provide valuable imaging expertise for other steering committees evaluations of therapeutic concepts and discussions that include an imaging component. The CISC is interested in facilitating the exchange of ideas among a broad range of investigators interested in cancer clinical imaging research.

Roster of Clinical Imaging Steering Committee (CISC) members
Steven Larson, M.D., and Neil Rofsky, M.D., Co-Chairs

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CCCT Contact: Steven Reeves, Ph.D.