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Synthetics and Pure Natural Products

Approved Oncology Drugs Set Information: A set of FDA-approved anticancer drugs to enable cancer research.

This plated set (2 microtiter plates/set) contains most current FDA-approved anticancer drugs. The current set (AODIV) consists of 101 agents and is intended to enable cancer research, drug discovery and combination drug studies. Details on the drugs included in this plated set can be found by clicking on Approved Oncology Drugs Plated Set ( Plate 1, Plate 2.) Compounds in this set are provided as 20 microliters at 10mM in 100% DMSO; plates are shipped frozen, with dry ice. All proprietary agents in this set were obtained through commercial sources. All compounds were found to have satisfactory purity and identity. In general, substances were checked by both NMR and LC-MS. For recently-acquired compounds, the supplier's Certificate of Analysis was accepted.

To obtain a copy of the Approved Oncology Drugs set, please refer to the procedure for requesting plated samples and use the standard SLA provided.

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If you have questions concerning the use of the Approved Oncology Drugs set, please send an e-mail to:

Updated: 8/28/12