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About DTP
DTP Branches and Staff

Discovery Services


Individual samples Samples available for cancer research
Plated sets
Structural diversity set 1990 compounds for screening
Challenge set 57 diverse compounds with unknown mechanisms of cell kill

Natural Products

Natural products repository Marine and plant samples available
"Open" repository
"Active" repository

Radiolabeled materials More than 100 labeled samples for research purposes
Biologics reference standards and reagents Monoclonal antibodies and cytokines
Tumor repository Human cell lines and tumors derived from humans, guinea pigs,
    hamsters, mice, rats, and rabbits

Screening Services

Discreet screening agreement Intellectual property issues
Submission of single compounds for testing
In vitro testing


3-cell line screen
MET screen
Creatine kinase B screen
P7 (Zinc finger) assay
Anti-HIV (CEM) assay

Proprietary via CRADAs

Human tumor cell line screen

In vivo testing

Hollow fiber assay
Xenograft testing
Angiogenesis testing

Web-Accessible Data and Tools

Data from Human Tumor Cell Line Assay
Data from AIDS Antiviral Assay
Data from Yeast Assay
Structures for over 200,000 Compounds
Diversity Sets
Molecular Targets
Data from Microarray Project
Data Search by chemical names, NSC numbers, structures, etc.
COMPARE Analyses
Online Structure Submission
Request Vialed Compound Samples

Development Services
Biopharmaceutical Resources

Biopharmaceutical quality operations
Biopharmaceutical active project list

Pharmaceutical Resources

Synthetic chemistry and GMP bulk production
Analytical development
Formulation development
Clinical dosage form manufacturing

Pharmacology and toxicology resources

Master toxicology protocols
Drug plasma method development
Preliminary (range-finding) toxicity
IND-directed toxicity
Bone marrow toxicity

Pathways to Development Services
Drug Development and NCI's Intramural Research Program

Membership of the BRB Oversight Committee

Process and procedures
Current projects
Completed projects

Drug Development Group (DDG) Entry into the NCI clinical trials network at several stages of development

Stages of development
Process and procedures
Membership of the DDG

Grants and Contracts Operations Branch
GCOB Grant Portfolio
GCOB Active Program Announcements

Clinical Trials Unit

Drug Histories

What's New

Data Search

Site Search