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Synthetics and Pure Natural Products

The Open Chemical Repository Collection

Find status of compounds previously ordered from the NCI Open Chemical Repository Collection

DTP maintains a repository of synthetic compounds and pure natural products that are available to investigators for non-clinical research purposes. Over 20,000 vialed samples and 3,500 plates are shipped from the Repository to external investigators throughout the world annually. Samples are available at no cost except for shipping charges. The Repository collection is a uniquely diverse set of more than 200,000 compounds that have been either submitted to DTP for biological evaluation or, in some cases, synthesized under DTP auspices. Importantly, investigators should note that chemical structures of these substances are those assigned by the originator of the material and in the vast majority of cases, the compounds have not been analyzed by DTP for accuracy of structure or for the purity of the sample. Compounds are available through a web-based ordering system; instructions are located at the bottom of this page.

It is requested that any publication resulting from use of a sample acknowledge the source of the material as "The NCI/DTP Open Chemical Repository" and include the DTP website address , and the NSC number of the agent.

Compounds are available as individually vialed samples. The quantity available for distribution in vials will be determined by the requested need and the current inventory. In addition, the 4 focused NCI plated sets below are available for screening in 96-well format.

NCI Plated Sets for Screening and Combination Studies

Procedures for Requesting Samples

DTP distributes samples from the Open Chemical Repository exclusively through a web-based ordering system. Potentially available compounds can be searched by name or NSC number using the "Data Search" function at the DTP homepage, . The availability of some samples may be limited by current inventory. Procedures and on-line ordering information are accessible by clicking the links below. The overall process ( See Image) is summarized in the printable flow diagram to the left.

To download Acrobat Reader necessary to access the Adobe PDF formatted document, click here. Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

flowchart (click on image to download PDF version)

Please note that an individual with the appropriate signatory authority from the investigator's organization will be required to accept an on-line Simple Letter of Agreement (SLA) for material transfer before the compound order is forwarded for DTP approval. The SLA appears at the end of the ordering process and will be sent electronically by DTP to the designated signatory authority. Vialed samples or plated sets are generally shipped within a week after the order is approved by DTP staff.

Requestors should have the following required information prior to starting the ordering process.

Procedure for Requesting Vialed Samples

Procedure for Requesting Plated Samples

Find status of compounds previously ordered from the NCI Open Chemical Repository Collection

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Updated: 8/01/2012