Mission and Central activities:
The GBG's mission is to manage and assess molecular interaction data obtained through multiple platforms, increase the understanding of the effect of those interactions on the chemosensitivity of cancer, and create tools that will facilitate that process. Translation of that information will be directed towards the recognition of diagnostic and therapeutic cancer biomarkers, and directed cancer therapy.
Freely available for public use are our professional grade Miner Suite bioinformatics software package, as well as our characterization and annalysis of the NCI-60 cancer cell lines, the DNA, RNA, protein, epigenetic and pharmacological levels (accessible through CellMiner).
The Miner Suite of bioinformatic software packages.
CellMiner: A database and query tool designed for the cancer research community to facilitate integration of the molecular datasets generated by the GBG and its collaborators on the NCI-60.

SpliceCenter Array-Check tool SpliceCenter: A suite of very user-friendly tools designed for use by every bench biologist who needs to check for the impact of gene splice variation on common molecular biology technologies including RT-PCR, RNAi, expression microarrays, and peptide-based assays.

SpliceMiner: A web application for mapping microarrray probes to transcripts in an exon-specific manner.

CIMminer clustered image map CIMminer: A tool that produces Clustered Image Maps (CIMs) (i.e., clustered heat maps).

GoMiner tree display GoMiner: A tool that leverages the Gene Ontology for biological interpretation of microarrays data.

High-Throughput GoMiner: A tool for batch processing of multiple microarrays and integrated CIMs of the GoMiner results.

Molecular Interaction Map MIMminer: A repository of the electronically navigatable Kohn Molecular Interaction Maps.

MatchMiner: A tool for batch-translation among many types of gene and protein identifiers.

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