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Celebration of Science

Biomedical research has had a major positive impact on nearly all of our lives. Due in large part to NIH-supported research, a baby born in the United States today can expect to live to nearly age 79—about three decades longer than one born in 1900.  But, with so many people still in desperate need of treatments and cures, much more remains to be done.

To show you a few of the many ways in which researchers are now working to save, extend, and improve lives, I’d like to share this video from the recent “Celebration of Science” forum at NIH. Not only will you hear from a leader in Congress, you’ll see how research is touching the lives of some ordinary people: an HIV-positive woman with dreams of having children, a young man using his brain waves to control a robotic arm, and teenage twins up against a mysterious disease. Take a look—we even have a celebrity cameo from a Seinfeld star!

2 comments to Celebration of Science

  • Avarox

    Holly Molly! This is great stuff!!
    As scientists (yes, I too have a PhD), we really need to follow the NIH and Dr. Collin’s lead in bringing science to the people.

    This is very inspirational and I will be sharing this with as many people as possible.

    This should be on the morning news programs!!!


  • Prakash Doddapattar

    This is really amazing and inspiring to everyone. Thanks for the effort made by NIH.
    Best way of bringing awareness about contribution of science to the world.
    Highly appreciable. Thanks NIH again and again.