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LHNCBC: Infrastructure Research
Infrastructure Research
Infrastructure Research
The Lister Hill Center performs extensive research in developing and advancing infrastructure capabilities such as high-speed networks, nomadic computing, network management, and improving the quality of service, security, and data privacy.
  • Next Generation Networking (NGN)
    The Lister Hill Center actively examines ways in which the Internet can be used to support applications in clinical care, consumer health, public health, health care, professional education, and biomedical research.

  • PubMed for Handhelds
    PubMed for Handhelds is a website for searching MEDLINE with the web browser of any mobile device.

  • Collaboratory
    The Collaboratory explores advanced computer and network technologies as a means for assisting health science institutions with distance learning, wireless technology, and virtual reality research.

  • System Security and Advanced Networks
    System Security and Advanced Network Planning research focuses on computer security, the NLM network, the Next Generation Internet (Internet2 and NGI), and upgrading Lister Hill Center systems.