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GETS Eligibility Criteria

There are five broad categories that serve as guidelines for determining eligibility for GETS. These users may be in Federal, State, local, or tribal government, critical infrastructure sectors in industry, or non-profit organizations that perform critical National Security and Emergency Preparedness (NS/EP) functions. Typical GETS users are responsible for the command and control functions critical to management of and response to national security and emergency situations, particularly during the first 24 to 72 hours following an event.

National Security Leadership
This user performs NS/EP functions essential to national survival when nuclear attacks threatens or occurs. In addition, this user provides support to critical orderwire and control services necessary to ensure the rapid and efficient provisioning or restoration of other NS/EP services. These user functions may include the following:

  1. Critical orderwire or control service supporting other NS/EP functions
  2. Presidential support critical to continuity of Government and national security
  3. National Command Authority support for military command and control critical
    to national survival
  4. Intelligence critical to warning of potentially catastrophic attack
  5. Support for the conduct of diplomatic negotiations critical to arresting or
    limiting hostilities

National Security Posture and US Population Attack Warning
This user type performs additional NS/EP functions essential to maintaining an optimum defense, diplomatic, or continuity of government posture before, during, and after crisis situations. Such situations are those ranging from national emergencies to international crises, including nuclear attack. These user functions may include the following:

  1. Threat assessment and attack warning
  2. Conduct of diplomacy
  3. Collection, processing, and dissemination of intelligence
  4. Command and control of military forces
  5. Military mobilization
  6. Continuity of Federal Government before, during, and after crisis situations
  7. Continuity of state and local government functions supporting the Federal
    Government during and after national emergencies
  8. Recovery of critical national functions after crisis situations
  9. National space operations

Public Health, Safety, and Maintenance of Law and Order
The user type performs NS/EP functions necessary for giving civil alert to the US population by maintaining law and order and the health and safety of the US population in times of national, regional, or serious local emergency. These user functions may include the following:

  1. Population warning (other than attack warning)
  2. Law enforcement
  3. Continuity of critical state and local government functions (other than support of the Federal
    Government during and after national emergencies)
  4. Hospitals and distribution of medical supplies
  5. Critical logistic functions and public utility services
  6. Civil air traffic control
  7. Military assistance to civil authorities
  8. Defense and protection of critical industrial facilities
  9. Critical weather services
  10. Transportation to accomplish foregoing NS/EP functions

Public Welfare and Maintenance of National Economic Posture
This user type performs NS/EP functions necessary for maintaining the public welfare and national economic posture during any national or regional emergency. These user functions may include the following:

  1. Distribution of food and other essential supplies
  2. Maintenance of national monetary, credit, and financial systems
  3. Maintenance of price, wage, rent, and salary stabilization, and consumer rationing programs
  4. Control of production and distribution of strategic materials and energy supplies
  5. Prevention and control of environmental hazards or damage
  6. Transportation to accomplish the foregoing NS/EP functions

Disaster Recovery
This user type performs NS/EP functions of managing a variety of recovery operations after the initial response has been accomplished. These user functions may include the following:

  1. Managing medical resources such as supplies, personnel, or patients in medical facilities
  2. Other activities such as coordination to establish and stock shelters, to obtain detailed damage assessments, or to support key disaster field office personnel may be included.
  3. Examples of those eligible include:
    • Medical recovery operations leadership
    • Detailed damage assessment leadership
    • Disaster shelter coordination and management
    • Critical Disaster Field Office support personnel

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