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Cancer Genetics Network (CGN)


The Cancer Genetics Network (CGN) is a resource for investigators conducting research on the genetic basis of human cancer susceptibility; integration of this information into medical practice; and behavioral, ethical, and public health issues associated with human genetics. The CGN can provide a wide variety of research services and specialized expertise to assist investigators with approved studies. Prospective investigators can freely query the CGN core database to learn more about the aggregate characteristics of participants and discover how the CGN may be used for research purposes.

A core dataset is available on each participant and contains information on sociodemographic characteristics, history of cancer and/or premalignant conditions, cancer-relevant surgeries, four-generation cancer family pedigree, history of tobacco use, and expressed interest in genetic counseling. Data also are available on some participants who enrolled in special studies, such as on cancer-related outcomes, screening, counseling, and attitudes. Limited biospecimens include DNA samples from participants with early onset cancer, multiple cancers, and prostate cancer; and longitudinal blood samples on participants in ovarian and breast cancer studies.

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Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences (DCCPS)


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