Welcome to Contractor Connection
How to Register
How to know Your Registration was Successful
How to Renew, Change or Cancel a Registration
Information Needed to Register


Welcome to Contractor Connection


Contractor Connection is the primary printing procurement contractor database for the Government Printing Office (GPO). Contractor Connection collects, validates, stores and disseminates data in support of agency missions.

Both current and potential contractors are required to register in Contractor Connection in order to be awarded contracts by the GPO.  Contractors are required to complete a one-time registration to provide basic information relevant to procurement and financial transactions, including submission of an IRS W-9 for tax reporting purposes.

Please note that any information provided in your registration may be shared with authorized government offices. Registration does not, however, guarantee business with the Government Printing Office.

Who registers in Contractor Connection?

  • All Contractors that perform contract printing procurement work with GPO.

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How to Register

Enter your registration on-line through the world wide web (www):

Step 1: For details on the information to gather before you register, see the section of this document, Information Needed to Register.

Step 2: Access the Contractor Connection online registration through the Contractor Connection homepage at

Step 3: Complete and submit the online registration. If you already have the necessary information on hand, the on-line registration takes approximately 10 minutes to complete, depending upon the size and complexity of your company.

Step 4: E-mail a scanned copy of your firm's completed and signed W-9 to

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How to Know Your Registration Was Successful

You will be unable to submit your registration on-line unless all of the mandatory information is provided. You will be notified of missing information by a list of 'errors' on each page when you click "Continue/Save". Once you have provided the information click "Continue" again to verify that all necessary fields are filled.


If your registration was submitted successfully then you will you receive a congratulatory page and an email message.  This first notice is to welcome you to Contractor Connection and will include a copy of your registration. Please make sure you review the registration for accuracy.

The second notice contains your notification of acceptance or rejection as an approved contractor for GPO and information concerning additional steps that may be needed.

How to Renew, Change or Cancel an Active Registration

Your Responsibilities

  • You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of your registration.
  • You are responsible for updating all of your registration information as it changes
  • You must renew your registration at least once a year. If you do not renew your registration it will expire. An expired registration will affect your ability to conduct business (receive contract awards or payments) with the government.
  • You may voluntarily cancel your registration at any time.

To initiate any changes:

Changes can be made to your registration by:

  1. Going to Contractor Connection's homepage
  2. Make the necessary changes then click the "Submit Application" button for an update to register in the system.

To submit a renewal with no changes, follow the same steps listed above with the exception of making changes to your information. Reminder: you must click "Submit Application" to activate the renewal, even if none of your information has changed. Please be aware that new requirements may have been implemented since your last visit. You may receive an error on your renewal if a new requirement isn't fulfilled.

To cancel an active registration:

  1. Contact the Contractor Connection Help Desk at 202-512-0526 or e-mail

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Information Needed to Register

General Information: This section contains mandatory fields

DUNS NUMBER- Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) Number: The Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number is a unique nine character identification number provided by the commercial company Dun & Bradstreet (D&B). Call D&B at 1-866-705-5711 or 610-882-7000 if you do not have a DUNS number. The process to request a DUNS number takes about 10 minutes and is free of charge. Please use the following instructions to navigate through the voice prompts:

  1. enter "3" to Register your business and obtain a DUNS #
  2. enter "2" for assistance. DO NOT PRESS "1" FOR eUPDATE
  3. enter "1" to create a new listing
  4. enter "1" for Federal Registration (Government Contractor Listing)

You can also register for your DUNS number at Dun & Bradstreet's web site: Please note that registeration via the web site may take a few days to complete.

If you already have a DUNS number, the D&B representative will advise you over the phone. You must have a different 9 digit DUNS for each physical location/different address in your company as well as each legal division that may be co-located. When entering your DUNS number, enter only the numbers; do not include dashes. As a result of obtaining a DUNS number you might be included on D&B's marketing list that is sold to other companies. If you do not want your name/company included on this marketing list, D&B has asked that you contact them, anytime, at the same numbers noted above to request they be removed.

EIN-The Employer Identification Number (EIN) is the nine-digit number companies use for income tax purposes. If you do not know your EIN, contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) at 1-800-829-1040. If you operate as an individual sole proprietorship, you may use your Social Security Number if you do not have a EIN.  When entering your EIN or SSN on the web site, enter only the numbers; do not include the dashes (Example: 123456789 not 123-45-6789) Note: Authority: 31 U.S.C. 7701 (c) (3) Principal Purpose(s). The EIN may be used by the Government to collect and report on delinquent amounts arising out of the offerer's relationship with the Government.

Plant Name : If you do business as a division of a larger company, use this space to indicate the proper name for your division. If some other identifier commonly distinguishes your division, enter that in the space on the right. Otherwise, leave blank.

Address: Use this space to continue your physical street address, if needed.

City, State, Zip: The 9-digit zip code is not mandatory. When entering the nine-digit zip code on the web, include the dash. (Example12345-6789 -123456789 not )

Date Business Started: Enter the date your business was started in its present form. This may be used to distinguish you from others with similar names. When entering the information on the web site, you must enter as mm/dd/yyyy. (Example: 01/01/1995)

Average # of Employees and Annual Revenue - Be sure to provide accurate information about the number of employees and 3-year average annual receipts for your business, as these values can determine your business size classification. Annual revenue cannot be zero. You must enter a number. When entering revenue in the web site, enter numbers only, no dollar signs or commas.

Security Level: If applicable, choose the correct level of security for the facility. Your security clearance must be up to date and active.

Corporate Web Page URL: If applicable, provide your company's homepage.

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Corporate Information: This section contains mandatory fields.

Type of Organization: You must choose one of the boxes to indicate the legal form of your business.

Sole Proprietorship

  • If you choose Sole Proprietorship as your status, you must complete *Owner Information: Mandatory if you have checked "Sole Proprietorship" as business type. You must provide the name and phone number of the owner of the business.

Corporate Entity

  • If you choose Corporation as your status, you must enter the state of incorporation .

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Products  and Services: This section contains mandatory fields.

Point Of Contact: This section contains mandatory fields.

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