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Training Modules for Staff: Employees and Non-Employees

Government Employees (non-employees see below)

Non-Employee Staff

  • IPA Detailees (Intergovernmental Personnel Act Detailees): Without Integrity, Nothing Works: (document pending) This document is a revision of the full document listed above, with the sections not relevant to IPA detailees removed. It provides the ethics orientation for Intergovernmental Personnal Act (IPA) detailees who work in a Federal office but who are not Government employees. Read the document, print the final page, add your name and contact information, and submit the completed page to your IC's ethics official (see contact information below). (pdf, 18 pages)

  • Non-Employee Ethics Orientation: Interacting With Government Employees: For visiting staff, guests, contractors, volunteers, and other individuals who are not regular Government employees. This interactive web-based training module developed by the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) introduces some of the most common ethics questions that non-employee staff might encounter when they work with Government employees. The title of the module indicates it is for contractors, but it is for all individuals who are not regular Government employees. It covers some of the ethics rules and principles which apply to Government employees so that the non-eployees are aware of the requirements for the individuals with whom they work. Individuals directed to complete this module should print the final "Thank You" screen, add name and contact information, and submit it to the official who directed you to complete the training, or to the ethics official for the Institute or Center (IC) in which you work.

Resources for Ethics Officials

NEO Sponsored Training for Ethics Staff: Courses offered, dates and locations, will be added as classes become available. Registration is required for all courses. Questions may be directed to Felecia Taylor in NEO (301-402-6628) or via email.

EMIS and NEES Training: Wednesday, February 8, 2012. 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Contact Felecia Taylor in NEO to register.

Office of Government Ethics Education Resources for Ethics Officials (OGE web site)

OGE web-based training modules (Interactive and Videos):