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    microsoft office 2007 logo Microsoft Office 2007 e-Learning courses are now available to you in the HHS Learning Portal! You can access the courses and books online now by following these easy steps:
    1. Log in to the HHS Learning Portal
    2. Type the name of the course in the Catalog Search and click Go.
    3. To access the books, type in “Books 24X7” in the Catalog Search and click Go.

    Online Books
    The 2007 Microsoft Office system Step by Step by Joyce Cox et al. Microsoft Press 2007 (752 pages) ISSBN: 9780735622784 Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Inside Out by Mark Dodge and Craig Stinson. Microsoft Press 2007 (1088 pages) ISBN:9780735623217
    E-Learning Courses
    Office New Features
    Microsoft Office 2007: New Features
    New Features for End Users in Microsoft Office 2007
    Microsoft Office Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook 2007
    Microsoft Access 2007 and Microsoft Publisher 2007
    Sharing and Collaboration in Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007
    Microsoft Office 2007: Beginning Word
    Getting Started with Word 2007
    Working with Text and Paragraphs in Word 2007
    Structuring, Editing, Saving, and Opening Documents in Word 2007
    Printing, Help, and Automated Formatting in Word 2007
    Working with Documents in Word 2007
    Microsoft Office 2007: Advanced Word
    Advanced Formatting in Word 2007
    Advanced Document Navigation and Document Reviews in Word 2007
    Using Tables, Charts, and Graphics in Word 2007
    Microsoft Office 2007: Word for the Power User
    Advanced Data Manipulation Features in Word 2007
    Advanced Document Features in Word 2007
    Collaborative Features in Word 2007
    Microsoft Office 2007: Beginning PowerPoint
    Getting Started with PowerPoint 2007
    Adding Graphics to Presentations in PowerPoint 2007
    Adding Multimedia and Animations to Presentations
    Microsoft Office 2007: Advanced PowerPoint
    Creating Custom Slide Shows in PowerPoint 2007
    Distributing Presentations in PowerPoint 2007
    Microsoft Office 2007: Beginning Excel
    Getting Started with Excel 2007
    Manipulating and Formatting Data and Worksheets
    Reviewing and Printing in Excel 2007
    Excel 2007 Formulas and Functions
    Excel 2007 Charts, Pictures, Themes, and Styles
    Microsoft Office 2007: Advanced Excel
    Advanced Formatting in Excel 2007
    Advanced Data Management in Excel 2007
    Advanced Customization in Excel 2007
    Microsoft Office 2007: Excel for the Power User
    Analyzing Data in Excel 2007
    Protecting and Sharing Excel 2007 Workbooks
    Exchanging Data with Excel 2007
    Microsoft Office 2007: Beginning Outlook
    Getting Started with Outlook 2007
    Formatting and Managing E-mail in Outlook 2007
    Using the Calendar in Outlook 2007
    Using Contacts, Tasks, Notes, and Customizing the Interface in Outlook 2007
    Completing Searches, Printing Items, and Working with RSS Feeds in Outlook 2007
    Microsoft Office 2007: Advanced Outlook
    Customizing Outlook 2007 and Using the Journal
    Configuring Rules, Alerts, and Junk E-mail Settings in Outlook 2007
    Working with SharePoint, Calendars, and Forms in Outlook 2007
    Microsoft Office 2007: Outlook for the Power User
    Data Security, Archiving, and Working Offline in Outlook 2007
    Instant, Text, and Unified Messaging in Outlook 2007
    Business Contact Manager with Outlook 2007
    Plus Access, Visio, Project, SharePoint, Publisher and more!

    Contact marcia.harris@hhs.gov with questions or for more information.
    View and Print above Information in PDF

    Last revised: May 10, 2011

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