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Office of Investigations

Press Releases

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  • Three Alleged International Cyber Criminals Charged
    2013-B - Press Release [January 23, 2013]

    US Attorney Preet Bharara announced the unsealing of Indictments against three individuals who played critical roles in creating and distributing a virus that steals personal bank account information, including usernames and passwords, from the users of affected computers. The virus infected over one million computers globally, including some at NASA.

  • Florida’s Technological Research and Development Authority and the Melbourne Airport Authority Pay $19 million to Resolve False Claims Allegations
    2013-A - Press Release [November 20, 2012]

    Florida’s Technological Research and Development Authority has agreed to pay $15 million and the Melbourne Airport Authority $4 million to resolve allegations that they misused grant funds received from NASA and the Department of Commerce. The funds were used to construct an office building at the airport, which the government alleged was outside the scope of and contrary to the terms of the grants.

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  • Brevard County Man Pleads Guilty to Theft of Copper Wire
    2012-H - Press Release [September 26, 2012]
  • Chinese Nationals Charged With Software Piracy and Exporting Technology to China
    2012-G - Press Release [April 18, 2012]
  • Noted Scientist Sentenced For Attempted Espionage, Fraud and Tax Charges
    2012-F - Press Release [March 21, 2012]
  • Romania U.S. Law Enforcement Cooperation Leads to Arrest of Hacker
    2012-E - Press Release [January 31, 2012]
  • Lead Administrator and WebHost of Online Child Pornography Bulletin Board Sentenced to Prison
    2012-D - USDOJ Press Release [January 25, 2012]
  • Aerospace Corporation Agrees to Pay $2.5 Million to Resolve Allegations of Billing for Phantom Employee
    2012-C - USDOJ Press Release [December 6, 2011]
  • Aerojet And Parent Gencorp Inc. Pay $3.3 Million
    2012-B - USDOJ Press Release [November 30, 2011]
  • Manhattan U.S. Attorney Charges Seven Individuals for Engineering Sophisticated Internet Fraud Scheme that Infected Millions of Computers
    2012-A - USDOJ Press Release [November 9, 2011]
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