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      Structured Abstracts Logo - sample citation with labels highlighted This Structured Abstracts in MEDLINE® resource provides information about U.S. National Library of Medicine® (NLM®) research on Structured Abstracts:
  • Structured abstracts contain distinct labeled sections for key information from articles they summarize.

  • Recent NLM research on structured abstracts revealed that a quarter of all abstracts currently added to MEDLINE include section labels such as BACKGROUND, OBJECTIVE, METHODS, RESULTS, and CONCLUSIONS.

  • In August 2010, structured abstracts in PubMed were reformatted for easier readability.

  • The 2011 NLMMedlineCitationSet DTD and MEDLINE/PubMed XML accommodate structured abstracts as a part of NLM data dissemination so that licensees can manipulate the display and searching of structured abstracts.

  • Updated NLM-legitimate labels file - Updated Icon August 31, 2012: An updated list of NLM-legitimate labels and their broader category mappings is freely available by downloading from this site. See Implementation Information for documentation.

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