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Computer Security Division Documents Guide

Click Here to download the "Guide to NIST Information Security Documents."

Updated: August 2009
Posted: December 2009

*NOTE: Categories in the Families, Topic Clusters, and Legal Requirements listings are from the "Guide to NIST Information Security Documents."


Organizations in all sectors of the economy depend upon information systems and communications networks, and share common requirements to protect sensitive information. ITL works with industry and government to establish secure information technology systems for protecting the integrity, confidentiality, reliability, and availability of information.

Under FISMA Act of 2002, the Computer Security Division of the Information Technology Laboratory (ITL) develops computer security prototypes, tests, standards, and procedures to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access or modification. Focus areas include cryptographic technology and applications, advanced authentication, public key infrastructure, internetworking security, criteria and assurance, and security management and support.

These publications present the results of NIST studies, investigations, and research on information technology security issues.

The publications are issued as Special Publications (Spec. Pubs.), NISTIRs (Internal Reports), and ITL (formerly CSL) Bulletins. Special Publications series include the Spec. Pub. 500 series (Information Technology) and the Spec. Pub. 800 series (Computer Security). Computer security-related Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) are also included.