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Commodity Areas
Commodity Descriptions  
  • COTTON -- Supports the orderly and efficient marketing of U.S. cotton, domestically and internationally, by providing unbiased classification, standardization, market news and oversight of the research and promotion program.

  • DAIRY-- Facilitates the strategic marketing of milk and dairy products while ensuring fair trading practices and promoting a competitive and efficient marketplace

  • FRUIT AND VEGETABLE –Facilitates the strategic marketing of fruit, vegetable, nuts and specialty items in domestic and international markets, while ensuring fair trading practices, and promoting a competitive and efficient marketplace that benefits producers, traders, and consumers.

  • LIVESTOCK, POULTRY AND SEED Provides timely, high-quality, unbiased service that facilitates the orderly marketing and distribution of livestock, poultry, and egg products, while simultaneously fostering goodwill in the global marketplace. These practices are maintained through a continued commitment to improve operating procedures to meet customer needs, and to incorporate new research findings and technological advancements.

  • TOBACCO-- Provides official tobacco grade standards, designates tobacco auction markets where tobacco growers receive mandatory inspection of each lot of tobacco to determine its grade and type, distribute daily price reports showing the current average price for each grade.

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