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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Health Resources and Services Administration
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Health Center Grantees, please note:

1. The Health Center information represented on this web site IS NOT representative of a HRSA grantee's complete Scope of Project.
2. If a Health Center Grantee identifies errors in the Contact Information of a Service Delivery Site, please follow these instructions to fix the error.

To update contact information at the Service Delivery Site level (For Community Health Center Grantees (H80) Grantees Only):

Registered users with access to the EHBs Grant Handbook can update the service delivery site information in the EHBs. For more information about adding a grant to your portfolio, please visit

  • Log in to the EHBs ( and click the View Portfolio link in the left menu.
  • The list of grants you have added to your portfolio will be displayed. Click the Open Grant Handbook link for the Health Center Cluster program grant. (Grant number starting with H80)
  • The Grant Handbook overview page will open. Click the Sites link in the left menu.
  • The list of Sites in Scope will appear listed. Locate the site for which you want to update the information and click "Update".
  • The “Update Site” page will open. Make the necessary changes by selecting the "Update" button in the appropriate section.
  • Once you have made all changes, click "Save and Continue" to save your changes.