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NPI Registry

The NPI Registry enables you to search for a provider's NPPES information. All information produced by the NPI Registry is provided in accordance with the NPPES Data Dissemination Notice. Information in the NPI Registry is updated daily. You may run simple queries to retrieve this read-only data. For example, users may search for a provider by the NPI or Legal Business Name. There is no charge to use the NPI Registry.
Some health care providers reported their SSNs, IRS ITINs or EINs in sections of the NPI application that contain information that is required to be disclosed under FOIA. For example,

       1. Providers who are individuals may have reported SSNs or IRS ITINs in FOIA-disclosable fields (such as in the "Other Provider Identifiers" or "License Number" fields).

       2. An incorporated individual, when applying for an NPI for the corporation, may have reported his/her SSN as the EIN of the corporation.

CMS has urged health care providers to review their NPPES FOIA-disclosable data to ensure that it is correct and to remove any inappropriate or sensitive information that they may have reported in any of those fields that are "optional" (i.e., not required to be furnished) and /or replace the inappropriate or sensitive information that they may have reported in required fields with the appropriate information. If health care providers did not remove SSNs, IRS ITINs or EINs from FOIA-disclosable fields, CMS took action to not disclose any SSNs or IRS ITINs that were entered in those fields. CMS also took action to temporarily suppress reported EINs, even though they are disclosable under FOIA, because providers reported SSNs in the EIN field. After April 21, 2008, CMS will mask SSNs, IRS ITINs, and EINs when these numbers are entered in the Other Provider Identifier Number and License Number fields as follows: SSNs to “$$$$$$$$$”, IRS ITINs to “*********”, and EINs to “=========”. This action also includes the continued suppression of the EINs and the suppression of the Subpart Parent Organization TINs of all Organizations in the NPI Registry. CMS expects to lift the suppression of EINs and Parent Organization TINs in the future.
NPI Registry: To ensure security and protection against automated scripts from impacting the NPI Registry's performance, we have implemented CAPTCHA on each new search against the NPI Registry.

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  • NPPES Downloadable File: For those users needing access to the full NPPES data dissemination file, please feel free to utilize the monthly NPPES Downloadable File. Information regarding the monthly NPPES Downloadable File can be found on the CMS NPI Data Dissemination page. Please be sure to read the Facts about the Downloadable File before attempting to download the actual file. The NPPES Downloadable File is very large (exceeds 4 GB) and is intended to be downloaded by individuals with the requisite technical expertise. Search

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