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About CCR

The Center for Cancer Research (CCR) is home to more than 250 scientists and clinicians working in intramural research at NCI. CCR is organized into over 50 branches and laboratories, each one grouping scientists with complementary interests. CCR's investigators are basic, clinical, and translational scientists who work together to advance our knowledge of cancer and AIDS and to develop new therapies against these diseases. CCR investigators collaborate with scientists at the more than 20 other Institutes and Centers of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), as well as with extramural scientists in academia and industry.

CCR at a glance
CCR at a glance (PDF)

Our Vision:

Integrate basic, translational, and clinical research to make cancer preventable, curable, or chronically manageable

Our Mission:

To inform and empower the entire cancer research community by making breakthrough discoveries in basic and clinical cancer research and by developing them into novel therapeutic interventions for adults and children afflicted with cancer or infected with HIV

CCR . . . at a glance

CCR . . . at a glance, gives our visitors a concise overview of CCR today, including our organization, our constantly evolving scientific workplace, and our distinctive culture.

Visit Our Labs and Branches

CCR's online Research Directory highlights the research accomplishments of CCR's investigators and provides an overview of the branches and laboratories.

Our Collaborations

Several NCI intramural Centers of Excellence (CoEs) and Faculties bring together scientists with different areas of expertise who share a common research focus area. CoEs and Faculties lead new initiatives, projects, and collaborations in translational research.

For more information about CoEs, please visit our Centers of Excellence.

Learn About Our Clinical Trials

Outstanding CCR physician-scientists conduct cutting-edge clinical research to benefit cancer patients. They evaluate new approaches to treating, diagnosing, and preventing cancer. Our clinical trials investigate new surgery and radiation therapies, as well as gene therapy, vaccine therapy, experimental drugs, or various combinations of these treatments.

For more information about the NIH Clinical Center, please visit

To find NCI-CCR clinical trials, please visit

Read Our News

CCR's News page showcases research accomplishments, including recent releases, journal publications, and podcasts.

View Our Training Opportunities

CCR's Office of Training and Education serves the overall training experience of basic scientists and clinical fellows in cancer research. Please visit and

Join Us at CCR

CCR offers scientific, technical, and administrative positions in basic and clinical cancer research at the NIH campus in Bethesda, MD, and at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research in Frederick, MD. Please visit CCR Positions Available.

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