Links to Publications Distributed at Meetings of the NIH Working Group on Women in Biomedical Careers

This list is a sample of the many references on gender bias and women’s recruitment, retention, reentry, and advancement in research careers. To report broken or incorrect links, e-mail



March 2007

Agres, Ted. “Best Places to Work 2007: PostDocs .” The Scientist Mar 2007: 49-51.

“Ethics committees fall short of gender equality, study suggests.” European Commission: European Research Headlines 6 Mar 2007.

Friedman, Paula K et al. “Report of the ADEA President's Commission on Mentoring.” Journal of Dental Education 68.3 (2004): 390-6.  

Pfund, Christine et al. “PROFESSIONAL SKILLS: Enhanced: The Merits of Training Mentors.” Science 311.5760 (2006): 473-474.  

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April 2007

Holmes, Mary Anne, and Suzanne O'Connell. “Leaks in the Pipeline.” Nature 446 (2007): 346.  

Millman, Sierra. “To Encourage Women, Princeton U. Expands Benefits for Graduate Students With Children.” The Chronicle of Higher Education 5 Apr 2007.

Childbirth Policy for Women Graduate Students at Stanford University

MIT Childbirth Accommodation Policy

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May 2007

Brainard, Jeffrey. “9 Women are Elected to the National Academy of Sciences, a 6-Year Low.” The Chronicle of Higher Education 2 May 2007.

DeMatteo, Ann. “It's in the genes.” New Haven Register 27 May 2007.

Gearon, Christopher. “You're in Good Hands.” U.S. News & World Report 30 Mar 2007.

Gravois, John. “7 Female Medical Professors Sue Penn State U., Saying They are Paid Less Than Men.” The Chronicle of Higher Education 27 Apr 2007.

Haberman, Clyde. “NYC; Helping Turn Dreamers Into Doctors.” The New York Times 17 Nov 2006.

Hirshman, Linda. “Off to Work She Should Go.” The New York Times 25 Apr 2007.

Slagle, Dana. “How Mentoring Can Have a Positive Impact on Your Life.” Jet 22 Jan 2007.

Maines, Rachel. “Why Women Become Veterinarians but not Engineers.” The Chronicle of Higher Education 25 May 2007: B9.

Wasley, Paula. “Pay Gap Between Men and Women Begins Immediately After Graduation, Study Says.” The Chronicle of Higher Education 23 Apr 2007.

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June 2007

Detsky, Allan S., and Mark Otto Baerlocher. “Academic Mentoring--How to Give It and How to Get It.” JAMA 297.19 (2007): 2134-2136.  

Hymowitz, Carol. “Coaching Men on Mentoring Women Is Ernst & Young Partner's Mission.” Wall Street Journal 14 Jun 2007.

Mervis, Jeffrey. “SCIENTIFIC PRIZES: U.S. National Medals: For Men Only?.” Science 316.5832 (2007): 1683a.  

Northwestern University. “Program to Help Women Faculty Sharpen Skills for Success.” 25 Jun 2007

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July 2007

Developing Equality in Governance and Managment for Career Progression. British Medical Association, 2007. 23 Jul 2007

“Female Doctors Facing Barriers To Careers In Education And Research, Study Finds - UK.” Medical News Today 19 Jul 2007.

Lee, Adrian, Carina Dennis, and Philip Campbell. “Nature's guide for mentors.” Nature 447.7146 (2007): 791-797.  

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Powell, Kendall. “Beyond the Glass Ceiling.” Nature 448 (2007): 98-100.  

Wutte, Magdalena. “Closing the Gender Gap.” Nature 448 (2007): 101-102.  

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September 2007

Bhattacharjee, Yudhijit. “POSTDOCTORAL TRAINING: NSF, NIH Emphasize the Importance of Mentoring.” Science 317.5841 (2007): 1016b.  

Boss, Shira. “Wedded to Work, and in Dire Need of a Wife.” The New York Times 11 Aug 2007.

Despoja, Natasha Stott. “We need paid maternity leave.” The Canberra Times 17 Sep 2007.

Heylin, Michael. “Demographics Of Chemistry.” Chemical & Engineering News 85.38 (2007): 43-44.  

Kotkin, Stephen. “Opening the On-Ramp for Women.” The New York Times 5 Aug 2007.

Vedantam, Shankar. “Salary, Gender and the Social Cost of Haggling.” The Washington Post 30 Jul 2007: A07.

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October 2007

Benderly, Beryl Lieff. “Making Mentoring Mandatory.” Science Careers 5 Oct 2007.

Guess, Andy. “From Summers to Sommers.” Inside Higher Ed. 2 Oct 2007.

Hoopes, Laura L. Mays. “Help women stay in science .” The Scientist 10 Oct 2007.

Hoover, Eric. “Report Reveals Increasing Diversity of Students at U. of California.” Chronicle of Higher Education 11 Oct 2007.

Lederman, Doug. “Why Women Leave Academic Medicine.” Inside Higher Ed. 21 Sep 2007.

Symonds, Matthew R E et al. “Gender differences in publication output: towards an unbiased metric of research performance.” PLOS ONE (2006): e127.  

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November 2007

Belkin, Lisa. “The Feminine Critique.” The New York Times 1 Nov 2007.

Gibb, Frances, and Marcus Leroux. “Women climb career ladder faster - but are paid less for doing same job.” Times Online 5 Sep 2007.

“Mommyhood by the numbers .” 12 Nov 2007.

Murphy, Mary C, Claude M Steele, and James J Gross. “Signaling threat: how situational cues affect women in math, science, and engineering settings.” Psychological Science 18.10 (2007): 879-85.  

Wilson, Robin. “At North Dakota State, Women Are Few and Far Between.” Chronicle of Higher Education 2 Nov 2007.

“Women Must Work Harder, Study Shows; In Surveys of American and British Employees, Gender Gap Persists.” Complete World News 6 Dec 2007.

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January 2008

Andrews NC. “Climbing through medicine's glass ceiling.”  New England Journal of Medicine. 2007 Nov 8;357(19):1887-9.

Gallagher R. “Am I Sexist?” The Scientist 2008 Jan 22(1):15.

Hermes J. “House Panel Hears Ideas on Increasing Number of Women on Science and Engineering Faculties” The Chronicle of Higher Education. 2007 Oct 18;                                                                        

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Lord M. “Making it Through the Maze” ASEE Prism . 2005 Oct  22(15)
Martinez ED, Botos J, Dohoney KM, Geiman TM, Kolla SS, Olivera A, et al. “Falling off the academic bandwagon. Women are more likely to quit at the postdoc to principal investigator transition.” EMBO Reports 2007 Nov 8(11):977-81.

Redden E. “New Numbers on Underrepresented Faculty Members” Inside Higher Ed 2007 Nov 1

Wilson R. “New Set of Grants Will Promote Faculty Career Flexibility.” The Chronicle of Higher Education. 2006 Oct 6;53(7):A13.
Winslow O. “Adelphi sued over professors' pay disparity” Newsday 2007 Sep 25

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February 2008

Armour S. “Workplace tensions rise as dads seek family time.”  USA Today December 10, 2007.

Budden AE, Tregenza T, Aarssen LW, Koricheva J, Leimu R, Lorite CJ. “Double-blind review favours increased representation of female authors.” Trends in Ecology and Evolution 23 (1): 4.        

Hoopes LLM. “How PubMed COULD do refs for those with name changes.” October 24, 2007. Comment in Help women stay in Science. The Scientist October 10, 2007.

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“One Women is still not enough.” Nature 2008 Feb 21; 451: 865.

Petsko GA. “The story they missed.” Genome Biology 2008 Jan 31; 9(1): 101.

Wertheimer LK. “Tenure at MIT still largely a male domain.” The Boston Globe December 6, 2007.

Working double-blind. Nature 2008 Feb 7;451: 605.

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 April 2008

Barr, S. “Family-Leave Plan is Halved.” Washington Post April 16, 2008.

Dreifus, C. “In Professor’s Model, Diversity = Productivity.” The New York Times January 8, 2008.

Kelly III,  JE. “Bridging Engineering’s Minority Gap.” BusinessWeek  Febraury 15, 2008.
Krieger, LM. “Women dominate admissions at veterinary medicine schools.” Mercury News April 14, 2008.

McKinstry B and Dacre J. “Are there too many female medical graduates? YES and NO.” British Medical Journal 336: 748 (April 5, 2008).

“New Jersey Lawmakers Approve Paid Leave for Workers.” The New York Times April 8, 2008.
Powers E. “Alice’s Adventures in Tenureland.” Inside Higher Ed: January 28, 2008.

Sommers CH. “Why Can’t a Women Be More Like a Man?” The American March/April 2008.

Waisbren SE, Bowles H, Hasan T, Zou KH, Emans SJ, Lieberman E, Loeken M, Longtine J, Quinn D, Randolph AG, Solet JM, Ullrich N, Walensky R, Weitzman P, Chrisou H. “Gender Differences in Research Grant Applications and Funding Outcomes for Medical School Faculty.” Journal of Women’s Health 17: 207 (March 1, 2008).
Weeks C. “More moms get back on the job.” Globe and Mail December 20, 2007.

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May 2008

Barr DA, Gonzalez ME, and Wanat SE. “The Leaky Pipeline: Factors Associated with Early Decline in Interest in Premedical Studies Among Underrepresented Minority Undergraduate Students.”  Academic Medicine 2008 May;83(5):503-11.

Bhattacharjee Y. “The Cost of a Genuine Collaboration.” Science 16 May 2008; 320 (5878): 859

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Greenberg D. “As Usual, Few Women Elected to NAS.” The Chronicle Review April 29, 2008.

Hewlett SA, Luce CB, Servon LJ, Sherbin L, Shiller P, Sosnovich E, and Sumberg K. “The Athena Factor: Reversing the Brain Drain in Science, Engineering, and Technology.” Harvard Business Review June 2008; Product #10094.

Maffly B. “Academia Not Always Kind to Would-be Moms.”  The Salt Lake Tribune April 21, 2008.

Stepp LS. “Get Ready to Step Up, Dad.” Washington Post March 25, 2008; HE01.

Tucker SA, Hanuscin DL, Bearnes CJ. ”Igniting Girls Interest in Science.” Science, 21 March 2008; 319(5870):1621-1622                                                                                                             

Woolhouse M. “Gender Debate Revived at Harvard.”  The Boston Globe April 12, 2008.

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June 2008

Alexander, Hershel, and Jonathan Lang.  “The Long-term Retention and Attrition of US Medical School Faculty.” AAMC Analysis in Brief June 2008; 8 (4).

“ARISE (Advancing Research in Science and Engineering): Investing in Early-Career Scientists and High-Risk, High-Reward Research.” American Academy of Arts and Sciences16 Jun 2008.

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“Our view on pay equity: Why women earn less.” USA Today 6 Jun 2008.

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August 2008

Begley, S., “Or Maybe Major in Comp Lit?” Newsweek August 18-25, 2008.

Benson, C., “Hard at Work on Family Leave.” CQ Weekly, 7 July  2008: 1824 .

Dotinga, R., “Wives Often Head Home When Husband's Workload Grows.” U.S. News & World Report August 1, 2008.

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September 2008

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November 2008

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January 2009

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March 2009

“Among Cardiologists, Women Cite Discrimination.” The Washington Post.  16 Dec 2008.

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April 2009

“Education Practices Influence Women Engineer Shortage.” ScienceDaily 30 Dec 2008.

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June 2009

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July 2009

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September 2009

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November 2009

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February 2010

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November 2012

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