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NIGMS offers scientific images and videos, plus scientist interviews, profiles and photos.

Scientific Images and Videos

In this photo, the ARPC3-/- fibroblast cells were fixed and stained with Alexa 546 phalloidin for F-actin (red) mDia1 (green), and DAPI to visualize the nucleus (blue). In ARPC3-/- fibroblasts cells mDia1 is localized at the tip of the filopodia like structures.Image and Video Gallery
A collection of hundreds of scientific photos, illustrations and videos.

Courtesy of bioinorganic chemist John H. Enemark at the University of Arizona.Biomedical Beat Cool Image and Video Gallery
Dozens of images and videos that appeared in the NIGMS Biomedical Beat news digest.

NCBI Organism: Plasmodium yoelii nigeriensis, anopheles stephensi cell types: oocyst cellular components: cyst wall biological process: sporozoan zygote development.The Cell: An Image Library™ Link to external Web site
An NIGMS-funded, well-annotated repository of thousands of images, videos and animations of cells from a variety of organisms.

Scientist Interviews, Profiles and Photos

Dr. Lola Eniola-Adefeso, Ph.D.Interviews with Scientists
Video and audio interviews with NIGMS scientists and grantees.

Martin Burke, Ph.D.Meet a Chemist
Photos and short profiles of NIGMS-supported researchers in chemistry, biochemistry and related fields.

Elizabeth B. Torres, Ph.D.Diversity Program Alumni Updates
Photos and career paths of scientists who have participated in NIGMS programs designed to increase diversity in the biomedical and behavioral research workforce.

George Hightower, Ph.D.Findings Magazine Scientist Gallery
Photos, brief descriptions and links to articles about researchers featured in Findings magazine.

Amy L. Swain, Ph.D.Media Contacts
Biographical sketches, photos, videos and interview contact information for NIGMS experts.

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