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Cancer Trends Progress Report – 2011/2012 Update

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Quick Tutorial

The Cancer Trends Progress Report – 2011/2012 Update has been designed to make navigation and downloading of materials of interest as simple as possible. The figure below shows the Home Page, followed by brief descriptions of its main components. Click a circled number to read that component's description.

Screen shot of Cancer Trends Progress Report – 2009/2010 Update Home Page with numbers 1 through 8 that link to descriptions of major components of the page.

1 In the Report. This section contains The National Cancer Institute Director's Message as well as the Report Highlights section that summarizes the main conclusions of the report outlining where the nation is making progress toward major cancer-related Healthy People 2020 targets set forth by the Department of Health and Human Services, and where additional progress still needs to be made. In addition, this section contains:
  • Introduction. A brief explanation of the reasons that this report is needed, what type of information it contains, and how data included in the report were selected.
  • Trends-at-a-Glance. An overview of the direction of the recent trend for each measure reported in the Cancer Trends Progress Report, as well as its desired direction.
  • Summary Tables. Tables that summarize the measures that are described at greater length in the body of the report. The Summary Tables include measure, recent summary trend, desired direction, trend details (graph), most recent estimate, and Healthy People 2020 target (if any).
  • New in the CTPR Update. This section of the Web site highlights new measures and methodology not previously included in the CTPR.  Data updates will also be reported here.

2 Body of the Progress Report. The detailed contents of the report can be found here. The Progress Report is divided into six major chapters, based on the cancer continuum: Prevention, Early Detection, Diagnosis, Treatment, Life after Cancer, and End of Life. Each chapter is subdivided into two or more sections. Each section has the same general layout: Introduction, Measure, Period (for which data are shown), Trends (verbal and graphical description), Most Recent Estimates, Healthy People 202 Targets, Groups at High Risk (for the measure in question), Key Issues, and Links to Additional Information.

3 Tools and Resources . This "toolbox" is always available to the user. It includes the following features:
  • Appendices. Acknowledgements, Incidence and Mortality Charts, Methodology for Characterizing Trends, and Survival Estimation Methods, which supplement the main content of the report.
  • Data Sources. This new section includes a table showing the data source(s) used in the Cancer Trends Progress Report.
  • Dictionary. List of important terms associated with cancer, can be accessed from here.
  • The Progress Report Fact Sheet (a document in PDF format).
  • FAQs. A section that provides answers to the most frequently asked questions.
  • Generate custom report. This feature enables the user to generate a report that includes only those sections or chapters that the user wishes to view or print. The report is dynamically generated, and produces a document in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded at no cost  External link, is required to open this document.
  • Print this page. Allows the user to print the page that is currently being viewed.
  • This Quick Tutorial.
  • Links to earlier versions of the report (2001, 2003, 2005,2007 and 2009/2010) can be found in the Report Archive.
4 Subscribe to the CTPR E-News Brief and Feedback.
  • Sign up to receive data releases and news on the CTPR.
  • This link enables a user to e-mail questions or comments about the Cancer Trends Progress Report. This link can also be found via Contact Us at the bottom of every page of this Web site.

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