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About the GIS Website

The goal of this site is to serve as a central source of information about GIS and related resources. It consists primarily of links to other relevant sites. The developers welcome suggestions for improvements and additions to this site.

This site is designed for three groups of people:

  • The General Public
    Anyone with an interest in Geographic Information Systems may peruse this site to find out about some examples of GIS in action. The Overview section has information on some ways in which the National Cancer Institute makes use of GIS technology, and the GIS Applications section contains links to similar examples outside NCI. This site is not meant to provide an introduction to or training in GIS, but some links to educational material may be found on the Online Training Courses page.
  • Cancer Researchers
    Like the public, cancer researchers may use this site to see some examples of how their colleagues apply GIS technology in their work. In addition, this site contains many links to GIS resources and information on the web which may be helpful to researchers interested in incorporating GIS in their work.
  • Members of the GIS Special Interest Group at NCI
    In addition to using this site as a resource, like other cancer researchers, members of the GIS Special Interest Group may access a private section of this site to obtain meeting and contact information for the group. The GIS Special Interest Group is composed of interested NCI researchers and meets once a month to discuss current issues in GIS and its applications to cancer research. NCI researchers who would like to join the group may send e-mail to the staff.