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Strategic Planning

Vision Research: Needs, Gaps, and Opportunities
Vision Research: Needs, Gaps, and Opportunities PDF*

Since NEI was established over 40 years ago, strategic planning activities have culminated in a series of national plans and workshop reports that identify needs and opportunities in vision research. These planning efforts have relied primarily on the expertise of NEI-funded investigators to review the state of the science and describe current research required to advance progress in treating and curing visual disorders and blindness. The most recently completed report (August 2012) is now available: Vision Research: Needs, Gaps, and Opportunities PDF*.

Audacious Goals Initiative

Now, faced with tremendous opportunities and many needs, how do we set priorities and new research directions? We are challenging the research community to help us identify a set of audacious goals. The purpose is to energize the vision research endeavor and help shape the priorities of NEI and, in fact, all vision research organizations. To learn more about this exciting expansion of our planning activities, visit

Recent Planning Workshops

Emerging needs, gaps, and opportunities supplement those identified by planning panels.

Health Disparities Strategic Plan, 2009-2013

For questions about the NEI's strategic planning, please contact:

Office of Program Planning and Analysis
National Eye Institute
31 Center Drive MSC 2510
Bethesda, MD 20892-2510
(301) 496-4308

Last Reviewed: September 2012

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