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Funding for Research

Funding Opportunities

The NIH Funding Announcements page provides links to funding support for stem cell research.

Historical Funding

Policy and Guidance

The Policy and Guidelines page offers links to important federal policies and guidelines relating to stem cell research.

The NIH Grants Policy Statement is the definitive resource for grants policy. Those interested in applying for a specific grant solicitation will find references and links to relevant policies within the grant announcement.

NIH Guide

The NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts serves as the official publication of NIH policies, procedures, and availability of funds. The NIH considers applications for the support of basic or clinical biomedical, behavioral, and bioengineering research. NIH encourages research in areas of top priority (such as stem cell research) by publishing PAs, RFAs, and RFPs, as follows:

  • Program Announcement (PA): announces increased priority and/or emphasizes particular funding mechanisms for a specific area of science; applications accepted on standard receipt dates on an on-going basis. (A PAR is a PA for which special referral guidelines apply, described in the PAR.)
  • Request for Applications (RFA): identifies a more narrowly defined area for which one or more NIH institutes have set aside funds for awarding grants; one receipt date, specified in RFA.
  • Request for Proposals (RFP): solicits proposals for a contract; one receipt date, specified in RFP.

RePORT Database

The RePORT (Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tools) website provides access to a variety of reporting tools, reports, data, and analyses of NIH research activities. One of the tools available on the RePORT site is the RePORTER (RePORT Expenditures and Results) module. RePORTER is an electronic tool that allows users to search a repository of NIH-funded research projects and access publications and patents resulting from NIH funding.

  • Go to RePORT To find funding information for stem cell research, go to the Categorical Spending tab in RePORT. Then, scroll down to find stem cell research and subcategories of stem cell research.