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Advanced Technology Program

The Advanced Technology Program (ATP) provides leading-edge technologies and specialized expertise to help the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and other NIH institutes and government agencies meet the challenges in biomedical research.

The ATP focuses on:

Genetics and Genomics, Protein and Proteomics, and Imaging and Nanotechnology.

Multicolored picture of cells under microscope

Core Service Support to the National Cancer Institute

To facilitate and enhance the work of scientists at the NCI, the ATP has developed a wide range of core services. NCI investigators frequently turn to the ATP core facilities for execution of assays on the Program’s state-of-the-art equipment. ATP scientists are also available for consultation and advice.  The laboratories carry out a range of activities from routine core services to involved collaborative projects.

Sample injection port in a mass spectrometer

Technology Development and Collaboration

The scientists of the ATP are experts in their respective fields and devote a significant effort toward developing new technologies and enhancing existing processes.  These projects are done in collaboration with NCI investigators looking to push the bounds of their research using the latest technologies being developed and implemented in the ATP laboratories.

Robot pipetting into a multi-well plate

Advancing the NCI Mission Through Partnerships

The NCI has launched a new initiative to speed the translation of research discoveries into new treatments for patients with cancer and AIDS.  The Advanced Technology Partnerships Initiative (ATPI) is intended to establish effective partnerships with academic research institutions, life sciences companies, and nonprofit organizations.  Learn more about this program at the ATPI web site.

ATP  scientists — at the forefront of their respective fields — continuously meet challenges with new technologies and make significant contributions to collaborative research projects with NIH scientist and extramural collaborators. For more information about the laboratories, please contact the laboratory directors or Dr. Bruce Crise, ATP Business Development Office (, 301-846-5739).

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