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Tox Town - Environmental health concerns and toxic chemicals where you live, work, and play
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Tox Town introduces environmental health concerns and toxic chemicals in these imaginary neighborhoods:

  • City
  • Farm
  • Town
  • US Border Regions
  • Port
  • US Southwest

  • There are two versions of each neighborhood. Click on one of the neighborhoods pictured on the right -> to go to the graphic version of each neighborhood. Or click on the neighborhood name in the list on the left <- for a text version. The graphic version includes sounds, animation, and other special features. The content is identical for both versions.

    In each neighborhood, users can click on a location or on one of over 30 chemical names.

    Click on a location, like the School, or an environmental health concern, like Drinking Water, to find out more about the chemicals that could be in that location. Tox Town also describes the health concerns at each location and links to selected web resources for more information.

    Click on a chemical, like Arsenic or Carbon Monoxide, to see where it might be found in a neighborhood. There is a description for each chemical and links to basic information about how a chemical might affect one's health.

    Last updated: January 3, 2012

    Interactive Graphic Neighborhoods City Farm Town US Border Regions Port US Southwest