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Papers by the National Cancer Institute Staff and Other GIS Researchers

These papers and articles cover information and research involving GIS.

Papers by NCI Staff

Papers by SMAB Staff

Papers by other NCI Staff

  • American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Volume 30, Issue 2, Supplement 1, Pages S1-S118 (February 2006): Special topic supplement on prostate cancer and GIS:
    • Brewer CA. Basic Mapping Principles for Visualizing Cancer Data Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Am J Prev Med 2006 Feb;30(Suppl 2):S25-36.
    • Rushton G, Armstrong MP, Gittler J, Greene BR, Pavlik CE, West MM, Zimmerman DL. Geocoding in cancer research a review. Am J Prev Med 2006 Feb;30(Suppl 2):S16-24.
  • Nuckols JR, Miller RS, Gunier RB, Ward MH, Weigel SB, and Reynolds P. Linkage of the California Pesticide Use Reporting Database with Spatial Land Use Data for Exposure Assessment and Environmental Epidemiology (to be submitted to Environ Health Perspect).
  • Maxwell SK, Nuckols JR, Ward MH, Hoffer RM. An automated approach to mapping corn from Landsat imagery. Comput Electron Agric 2004:43;43-54.
  • Nuckols JR, Jarup L, Ward MH. Using geographic information systems for exposure assessment in environmental epidemiology studies. Environ Health Perspect 2004 Jun;112(9):1007-15.
  • Ward MH, Giglierano J, Nuckols JR, Wolter C, Colt JS, Camann D, Hartge P. Proximity to crops and residential exposure to agricultural pesticides in Iowa. Proceedings from EUROHEIS/SAHSU Conference 2003, pp. 140-5.
  • Pickle LW, Heineman EF, Ward MH, Nuckols JR, Gumpertz M, Bell BS. Applications of GIS to cancer research at the National Cancer Institute. Proceedings of the third annual Esri International Health GIS conference. 2001.
  • Maxwell SK, Nuckols JR, Smith E, Ward MH, Hoffer RM. Automated crop mapping from Landsat imagery. In: Proceedings of Pecora12/Land Satellite Information III: Demonstrating the Value of Satellite Imagery. ASPRS: Bethesda, MD (available on CD-ROM), 2000.
  • Nuckols JR, Ward MH. Exposure assessment in environmental epidemiology: Application of GIS technology. In: Proceedings of GIS in Public Health Conference. San Diego, CA, August, 1998. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Atlanta, GA, 2000.
  • Ward MH, Nuckols JR, Weigel SJ, Maxwell SK, Cantor KP, Miller RS. Identifying populations potentially exposed to agricultural pesticides using remote sensing and a geographic information system [PDF - 3.53 MB]. Environ Health Perspect 2000;108:5-12.

Issues in Spatial Statistics

  • Bell BS, Hoskins RE, Pickle LW, Wartenberg D. Current practices in spatial analysis of cancer data: mapping health statistics to inform policymakers and the public. Int J Health Geogr 2006 Nov. 8;5:49.
  • Pickle LW, Waller LA, Lawson AB. Current practices in cancer spatial data analysis: a call for guidance. Int J Health Geogr 2005 Jan 13;4(1):3.
  • Boscoe FP, Ward MH, Reynolds P. Current practices in spatial analysis of cancer data: data characteristics and data sources for geographic studies of cancer. Int J Health Geogr 2004 Dec 1;3(1):28.
  • Jacquez GM. Current practices in the spatial analysis of cancer: flies in the ointment. Int J Health Geogr 2004 Oct 12;3(1):22.

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