The Blueprint and K-12 Education

To ensure that the U.S. remains competitive in the global marketplace, our grade schools need to foster knowledge and skills in science. Investments in neuroscience education are especially important given:

The Blueprint funds efforts to develop new approaches to teaching neuroscience through K-12 instruction and through less traditional means, such as museum exhibits and web-based platforms. For more information, please see:



Education Projects funded through the Blueprint and Blueprint-affiliated programs

Title PI Institution
Timothy Marzullo
Backyard Brains, Inc.
Michael Kavanaugh
University of Montana
Susanna Cunningham
University of Washington
Martin Michalowski
Adventium Enterprises
Nancy Moreno
Baylor College of Medicine
Dina Markowitz
University of Rochester
Steve Snyder
The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia
Louisa Stark
University of Utah
Susan Holt
Science Take-Out, LLC
Eric Chudler
University of Washington
Jared Jackson
Leslie Miller
William Marsh Rice University