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FYReport Cover ImageImage Title - Description
20102010 Report Cover ImagePersonalized Immunotherapy - Identify the Cancer Antigen and Create the Anti-Tumor T Cell
20092009 Report Cover ImageGlioblastoma-Derived Tumor Stem Cells - The generation of tumor stem cell-derived neurospheres from patient-derived glioblastoma tissue.
20082008 Report Cover ImageInterleukin-15 in the Life and Death of Lymphocytes: A Target for Cancer Therapy and Vaccine Design - The structure of IL-15; A model of IL-15 receptor alpha chain (IL-15Rα) presentation of IL-15 in trans to neighboring NK and CD8+ T cells.
20072007 Report Cover ImageIdentifying Interleukin-7 As a Master Regulator of T Cell Homeostasis: Clinical Implications and New Therapeutic Opportunities - Protein Data Bank Model of IL-7 Engaging the IL7R on the surface of a T cell.
20062006 Report Cover ImageThe Genetic Basis of Kidney Cancer Opportunities for Disease-Specific Targeted Therapy - The genes associated with the development of cancer of the kidney have in common their interaction with pathways that control oxygen and nutrient sensing.
20052005 Report Cover ImageA Vaccine to Prevent Cervical Cancer and Other Diseases Caused by HPV Infection - 1. Authentic bovine papillomavirus virions; 2. Bovine papillomavirus-like particles; 3. Human papillomavirus-like particles; 4. 3-D reconstruction of cryo-electron micrograph of authentic papillomavirus virion (blue) coated with neutralizing antibody (red).
20042004 Report Cover ImageMolecular Imaging for Cancer - Two different types of molecular imaging techniques applied to cancer detection: positron emission tomography-computed tomography (PET-CT) fusion imaging; magnetic resonance images (MRI) using a superparamagentic imaging agent [monocrystalline iron oxide nanoparticle (MION)]
20032003 Report Cover ImageChemical Genetics and New Treatments for Cancer - Results of screening small molecules in the cytoblot assay for their ability to cause hyperacetylation of tubulin (left) and histone (right) proteins in lung epithelial cells.
20022002 Report Cover ImageMolecular Diagnosis of Cancer - Photomicrographs of lymph node biopsies from two patients with diffuse large B cell lymphoma.
20012001 Report Cover ImageImmunotoxin Therapy of Hairy Cell Leukemia With BL22