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Visible Human Videos

Encoded by Alex Fletcher

The videos below are encoded for optimal viewing with dial up connections supporting at least 56 kbps or LAN connections supporting at least 150 kbps. Real Player is required to view the videos. You can download a free Real Player here.

CBS News Broadcast of NLM Visible Human Project (53 sec., 2.11 MB)

Back Simulation Using Visible Human Data (42 sec., 1.66 MB)

Fly Thru of Visible Human from General Electric (40 sec., 1.60 MB)

Melt Thru of Visible Human Data (1 min. 49 sec., 2.33 MB - No audio)

Visible Human Sectioning from Reuters (1 min. 13 sec., 2.89 MB)

Voxel Man Project use of Visible Human Data - Germany (39 sec., 1.60 MB - No audio)

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