OIG Reports:  Fiscal Year 2003

Date Issued Report Number Report Title
09/01/03 OIG-IT-03-01 Final Obstacles Removed To Eliminate Customs Disaster Recovery Material Weakness (PDF, 26 pages - 1.12 MB)
09/01/03 OIG-ISP-01-03 A Review of the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program (PDF, 72 pages - 14 MB)
09/01/03 OIG-IT-03-02 DHS Information Security Program Evaluation, FY2003, The Office of Inspector General (OIG) is required by the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) to perform an independent evaluation of DHS' information security program and practices.(PDF, 38 pages - 1000 KB)
08/29/03 ISP-02-03 Letter Report on Testing of Airport Screeners, August 29, 2003, The OIG reviewed the Transportation Security Administration's training and testing of checked baggage screeners to assess allegations that they were given the answers in advance of their certification examinations.(PDF, 5 pages - 665 KB)
06/17/03 OIG-03-083 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: Bureau of Customs And Border Protection Needs To Improve Compliance With The Continued Dumping And Subsidy Offset Act Of 2000 (CDSOA), This report was prepared by the Treasury Department's Office of Inspector General (OIG) prior to the Homeland Security Department OIG's assumption on March 1, 2003 of responsibility for examining such matters. Homeland Security OIG will hereafter be responsible for monitoring the degree to which the report's recommendations are implemented. (PDF, 31 pages - 356 KB)


IN3-OIG-LA-0662-S OIG Concludes Investigation of Alleged Misuse of DHS Resources in Search for Missing Texas State Legislators, The Department of Homeland Security, Office of Inspector General (OIG), has completed an investigation into allegations that Air and Marine Interdiction Coordination Center (AMICC), Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (BICE), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), assets were misused in assisting the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to locate an aircraft transporting Texas state legislators from Oklahoma to Texas on May 12, 2003.(PDF, 111 - 10 MB)
02/04/03 W-11-03 Alameda County Flood Control & Water Control District Zone 7, Pleasanton, CA, Public Assistance ID No 001-91017, FEMA Disaster No. 1046-DR-CA,  (PDF, 4 pages - 120 KB)
02/03/03 W-10-03 California Department of Parks and Recreation, Sacramento, CA, Public Assistance ID No. 000-92001, FEMA Disaster No. 1046-DR-CA,  (PDF, 4 pages – 134 KB)
01/16/03 W-09-03 City of Fremont, CA, Public Assistance ID No. 001-26000, FEMA Disaster No. 1203-DR-CA,  (PDF, 2 pages - 102 KB)
01/15/03 W-08-03 Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, Alhambra, CA, FEMA Disaster No. 1046-DR-CA, Public Assistance ID No. 037-91012  (PDF, 7 pages - 173 KB)
01/13/03 W-07-03 Performance Audit Report:  Management of FEMA Disaster Grants Awarded Under the Stafford Act, State of Hawaii, Office of Civil Defense, Audit Report No. W-07-03  (PDF, 2 pages - 68 KB)
12/18/02 W-06-03 Sacramento County, Sacramento, CA, Public Assistance ID No. 067-00000, FEMA Disaster No. 1155-DR-CA,  (PDF, 4 pages - 123 KB)
12/18/02 W-05-03 City of Sacramento, CA, Public Assistance ID No. 067-6400, FEMA Disaster No. 1155-DR-CA, (PDF, 3 pages - 121 KB)
12/06/02 W-04-03 Performance Audit Report:  Management of FEMA Disaster Grants Awarded Under the Stafford Act, Idaho Bureau of Disaster Services  (PDF, 1 page - 88 KB)
11/25/02 W-03-03 State of California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, Sacramento, CA, FEMA Disaster No. 1155-DR-CA, Public Assistance ID No. 000-92003 (PDF, 3 pages - 110 KB)
11/20/02 W-02-03 Facey Medical Foundation, Mission Hills, CA, FEMA Disaster No. 1008-DR-CA, Public Assistance ID No. 037-90636, (PDF, 6 pages - 136 KB)
10/15/02 W-01-03 Watsonville Community Hospital, Watsonville, CA, Public Assistance ID No. 087-90302, FEMA Disaster No. 845-DR-CA,  (PDF, 8 pages - 182 KB)