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Tox Town - Environmental health concerns and toxic chemicals where you live, work, and play
For Teachers

The teacher pages provide activities and resources you can use with your class to stimulate learning about environmental health issues. You will find:
Tox Town helps students and teachers learn about environmental health concerns and toxic chemicals pictured in an imaginary

Tox Town includes a text version and some Spanish-language resources.

Within each neighborhood, students can click on a location or environmental health concern, like drinking water, to find what chemicals might be in their drinking water. Tox Town also links to selected web resources about drinking water. Or students can click on toxic chemicals to learn, for example,
  • What is arsenic?
  • How might I be exposed to asbestos?
  • How can carbon monoxide affect my health?
Tox Town's target audience is high school and college students, educators and the concerned public. Descriptions of chemicals and of environmental health concerns written for Tox Town score within grade 9-12 reading levels on the Flesch-Kincaid readability scale. Links to other web resources have not been scored.

Tools to help you get the most out of Tox Town include:

Why use Tox Town in the classroom?
  • Students develop an understanding of the relationship between human health and the environment
  • Fun and interesting to use, particularly when students find information relevant to their own communities
  • Easily accessed over the Internet: no fees, no registration, no advertising
  • Can be used in curricula that meet state standards in both Science and other subjects: Reading, Social Studies, Technology, Spanish, English

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Last updated: October 31, 2012

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