About StatFund.cancer.gov

Statfund.cancer.gov provides information for statisticians with an interest in NIH funding.  It pulls together information for new and seasoned applicants in the Funding Opportunities and Application Procedures sections. NIH application policies and the list of funding opportunities are updated frequently, so be sure to check back often.

In addition to information for applicants, there is information on currently funded statistical methodology grants within the Surveillance Research Program of the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences. This Statistical Grant Portfolio consists of about 100 funded projects in biometry and biostatistics. These projects are related to areas of research that NCI is currently emphasizing, including cancer treatment, etiology, epidemiology, cancer prevention, outcomes research, dietary assessment, and cancer surveillance. The Portfolio represents a wide range of cancer research projects on statistical topics, such as survival analysis, generalized linear models, sequential analysis, and Bayesian inference. Statistical methods in this portfolio allow for interpretation of research results across the full spectrum of the cancer control continuum, from prevention, detection, and diagnosis through treatment and survivorship.

Many of NCI's statistical methods grants are funded through this Statistical Grants Portfolio. The Biostatistical Methods and Research Design (BMRD) Study Section (formerly SNEM-5), with Dr. Denise Wiesch as its Scientific Review Administrator, reviewed most of the statistical methodology grants in the portfolio.  This is the only study section devoted entirely to statistical methods and populated exclusively by statisticians.  Statistical methodology grants with a large substantive area contribution to a single disease or topic (such as cancer or genomics) may be reviewed in another study section.

Established for the extramural statistical research community, statfund.cancer.gov pulls together much of the relevant information about the funding mechanisms and opportunities at NIH.  Please contact Dr. Michelle C. Dunn with any questions related to the Surveillance Research Program’s Statistical Grants Portfolio or NIH funding opportunities in biostatistics.

Download the fact sheet, Statfund.cancer.gov (PDF).