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WordWeather App


The WordWeather app is now available for download on iTunes!

About the WordWeather App

When it rains, it pours —words, that is! WordWeather, developed by the National Cancer Institute as part of Smokefree Teen (SfT) ( allows you to race against the clock to spell words using falling letter rain drops. But beware, it’s no walk in the park with flying hail bombers that could strike at any time and knock off your letters if they hit the ground. Fortunately, you’ve got those fluffy, fantastical snowflakes on your side. If you catch one, the freezing temperatures will cause the rain drops to fall slower for a brief period of time. Increase your score by tapping rain drops containing bonus points and by quickly completing a level. Words get longer, rain drops fall faster, and time seems to go quicker as you advance through each level.

WordWeather is a product of SfT—a smoking cessation resource for teens created by the Tobacco Control Research Branch at the National Cancer Institute. More information on SfT can be found by visiting



Technical support is available to help you download and use the WordWeather app. If you need help or have any questions, please contact