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Benefits to NIH

NIH can realize some important benefits of enterprise architecture through an effective enterprise architecture program. The NIH Enterprise Architecture provides a "blueprint", a road map of sorts, for building (or acquiring) and implementing NIH information systems that directly support the NIH mission and that link NIH's information technology (IT) assets with its mission.
The NIH Enterprise Architecture helps:

  • Build a common understanding of NIH's future IT direction
  • Identify systems and information needed to support NIH business processes
  • Define NIH's technology infrastructure
  • Document the management processes for aligning IT to business

    Following the guidelines and specifications of the "blueprint" ensures not only investments that directly align with the NIH Mission but also facilitates system interoperability across all NIH systems.

    Applicable Regulations and Legislation

    The following regulations and legislation govern enterprise architecture across the Federal Government, including NIH:

    Last Updated: December 04, 2011