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HHS Center for New Media

New Media Tools



View the list of tools/providers that offer federal-compatible terms of service. 

Social Networks

Online communities that connect with stakeholders, colleagues, family, and friends who share common interests.

HHS on Facebook

HHS on Twitter

 Photo and Video Networks

Online services that allow individuals and organizations to upload photos or video clips and easily share them.

HHS on YouTube

HHS on Flickr and image galleries


Websites with entries in chronological order that typically combine, text, multimedia, and links to other webpages to tell a story and encourage dialogue.

 HHS on Blogs


Audio or video files released in a series to those that choose to subcribe to the podcast. Podcast is a blend of the terms “iPod” and “broadcast.”

 HHS on Podcasts

HHS Enterprise Applications and Tools

Information related to the following applications and tools can be found at

Enterprise Applications

WCD makes enterprise-wide tools available for Department-wide use.

  • HHS 508 Lab
  • Google Maps API Premier
  • Enterprise Portal
  • Use of Persistent Cookies for Website Performance Measurement
  • Accenture Digital Diagnostics Compliance Monitor
  • Web Content Management System (WCMS) <•>Google Search Appliance (GSA)
  • New Media Tools
  • Web Site Development, Web Crawler, 508 and Graphics Support BPA
  • 508 Web Support Services

OS Tools

Agencies and programs can contact a WCD consultant regarding experiences with specific Web management tools.

  • Email Subscription Management
  • Web Metrics
  • OMB-Approved Fast Track Online Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Search Engine
  • FAQ Database