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Training Services (3)

  • Custom IT Training

    Custom IT Training provides customized training either in the CIT Training facilities or customer's location. โ€‹

  • IT Training Facilitation (Classroom Rental)

    CIT facilitates IT training for courses not offered through the CIT Training Program. This includes coordinating outside training personnel, resources, registration, course tuition for non-NIH employees and other related activities in support of training initiatives that may or may not come directly through the program. โ€‹

  • IT Training

    IT Training offers courses and seminars that enable users to make efficient and effective use of computers, networks, and information systems in their work at NIH. The training program is open to NIH employees and to all users of CIT computing facilities. IT Training is provided free of charge with the exception of specific training by outside consultants. Remote class attendance can be arranged for students in locations outside the Metro Washington, DC area. Descriptions of courses, as well as information on the intended audience, can be found on the CIT Training website. โ€‹

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This page last reviewed: August 05, 2010