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The Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act, enacted on April 4, 2012, contains several requirements for employees who file a Public Financial Disclosure Report (form OGE-278). The following resources are provided for filers and ethics officials. Filers should consult with their IC's ethics officials if they have questions (see Ethics Office Staff link below).

Helpful Documents for Ethics Officials and Filers

STOCK Act Summary (4/19/12): This document provides a summary of the Act by section, including the new requirements affecting NIH OGE-278 filers and the effective date of each requirement. (pdf, 1 page)

Helpful Hints for Filers and Reviewers (4/20/12): Additional suggestions for filers and reviewers of the OGE-278, including specific suggestions and things to look for in each section of the OGE-278 report. (pdf, 2 pages)

Slide Presentation to IC Directors (4/12/12) and Ethics Officials: PowerPoint Slides or Acrobat pdf format (5 pages)

Text of the STOCK Act -- Acrobat pdf format (12 pages) or web page html format

Helpful Documents for Filers

Summary of Filer Requirements Under the STOCK Act (2/08/13): Summarizes what to report, when to file, proper form to use, and how to file. Covers the OGE-278-T Transaction Report and the Employment Negotiation and Recusal Statement. (pdf, 1 page)

Your Public Financial Disclosure Form (OGE-278) (4/29/12): Specific suggestions for filers about what to report and what not to report, to ensure that reports are accurate and complete, and avoid over-reporting.

Questions and Answers for Filers (4/20/12). Additional information in question and answer format. (pdf format, 2 pages)

Sample OGE-278 Assets Page resulting from the Sample Broker Statements (4/22/12): This document provides sample filer and spouse broker statements, and the OGE-278 Assets and Income page (Schedule A) showing their reportable consolidated holdings based on the sample statements. (pdf, 2 pages)

Guidance for Using the Electronic Signature Function (9/12/12): PowerPoint format (.pptx) and pdf format

New Forms as a Result of the STOCK Act

Periodic Transaction Report (Form OGE-278-T). The STOCK Act requires public filers to submit a report of certain transactions with 30 days after the transactions. Use this form for reporting the transactions which meet the reporting requirements. See the details in the instructions attached to the form. See also the legal advisories (LA-12-04 and LA-13-01) below for questions and answers regarding the periodic reporting requirement. The form OGE-278-T is available in three (3) formats:

Notification of Post-Employment Negotiation or Agreement and Recusal Statement: The STOCK Act requires public filers (employees required to file the OGE-278 Public Financial Disclosure Report), to file a statement notifying their agency ethics official of any negotiation for or agreement of future employment or compensation with a non-federal entity within three business days after commencement of the negotiation or agreement (does not apply to outside activities). Use the Notification of Post-Employment Negotiation or Agreement and Recusal Statement form, available in:

Legal Advisories from the Office of Government Ethics (OGE)

Revised: 2/8/13