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Protocol Order Sets


The person requesting the protocol order set may contact a triage analyst for a consultation prior to designing or submitting the request. This allows clarification of design questions and identification of potential problems or technical limitations imposed by the system. For assistance from a Triage Analyst call CRIS Support at 301-496-8400.

Instructions for Changes to Existing Protocol Order Sets:

  1. Provide existing protocol order set name and/or protocol order number.
  2. Use the DCRI Request Form PDF Logo (238 KB) to list your modifications. Screen captures with revisions on them are also acceptable.
  3. Complete form and obtain signature of authorized official for this protocol.
  4. Submit to the DCRI office, located in Building 10, Room 1C290. If you worked with a particular DCRI analyst, please put the name of this person on the envelope.

Instructions for Submitting New Protocol Order Sets:

  1. For protocol order sets, obtain approval and a protocol number through the IRB. A protocol number must be assigned to a protocol order set before development in CRIS can take place.
  2. For all protocol order sets, use the DCRI Request Form PDF Logo (238 KB) to organize your orders chronologically and/or by category.
  3. The proposed order set components will need to be reviewed and approved by the following departments prior to submission to DCRI:
    1. Department of Laboratory Medicine (DTM) in-house labs - Sam Stehnach 301-402-9894.
    2. Department of Transfusion Medicine (DTM) certain tests or studies – Contact Boyd Conley 301-496-4506 or Sherry Sheldon 301-451-8654.
    3. Nutrition (only if a new unique diet is needed) - Contact: Leslie Haynes 301-451-7188.
    4. Pharmacy for all formulary medications and IVs (must have dosages & schedules approved) - Contact: Mike Brown 301-402-8887.
    5. Investigational medications custom-built in unique order sets and managed by Pharmacy Developmental Services (PDS) - Contact: Judy Starling 301-496-1031.
  4. Use the CRIS application to assist in identifying the names of order(s) you need in the protocol order set.
    1. Locate the order’s name.
    2. Open the order(s) and review the order form(s).
    3. Provide information to be pre-filled in the required fields (i.e. indicate the field name and information to go into the fields). 
  5. If an existing protocol order set in CRIS is very similar to the design you desire we might be able to copy and modify to meet your needs. Please mention this on the request.
  6. Attachments or screen images that clarify the design requirements are encouraged due to space constraints on the request form.
  7. Once all information is collected the DCRI Request Form PDF Logo (238 KB) should be completed and signed by an authorized official for this protocol.
  8. Submit this request in person or via campus mail to the DCRI office, located in Building 10, Room 1C290. If you worked with a particular DCRI analyst, please put the name of this person on the envelope.
  9. Generally a simple protocol order set takes 2-3 weeks for development. More complex order sets may take longer. Delivery time may change due to circumstances beyond our control.
  10. If you have any questions contact CRIS Support 301-496-8400.

Print a copy of these intructions for reference PDF Logo (74 KB)

NOTE: PDF documents require the free Adobe Reader.

This page last updated 05/20/10


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